1. The fact that you're seeing people out in gear with guns in America is messed up.

  2. Cut the metal at the very end, around the button bit, smash it in slightly to remove the filament and are left with the empty globe (start with a clear one not frosted), then put 2 holes in a bottle cap, a straw through one hole and seal it over the bulb opening. Drugs in the glass fire underneath, inhale straw

  3. And you shake it between hits to stir it.. it actually worked well for the time- not sure how efficient I would find it now.

  4. Like a steamroller or glass blunt but it vaporizes?

  5. Naw, the world has an unhealthy helpin of misogyny that im tired of dealin with but gotta deal with cuz some of yall just refuse to aknolwedge the existence of others.

  6. All this new age gendering crap is getting ridiculous. And the people are getting ridiculously offended by a word. We have people now thinking they're damn unicorns and will try breastfeeding being a DUDE. Someone that stupid exists with his boyfriend. Did they not go to school? Did they not know basic anatomy that any 6th grader knows? The world is a crazy place, being turned to shit over weird, stupid Pro-nouns. This wasn't a thing year's ago. I laugh at the crap I'm seeing nowadays like the breastfeeding dude who felt that his gender should've been female.

  7. I only have a 22lr P250 because I used it as a training analogue for my P320 since the grips were the same. Now it just gathers dust because now I can afford to just shoot 9mm more and have better 22lr pistols strictly for fun.

  8. You plan on riding it? If just collecting dust ...

  9. Sorry, what does riding it mean? its just part of my sig(ness) collection.

  10. My mistake on spelling. Ridding. Are you going to get rid of it?

  11. Oh ya sure I'll just pull out my handy dandy ozone machine.

  12. As long as you can put it all back together again then your punishment ends.

  13. They make tips that look like cigarette butt ends? I'm quiting smoking after 32 years. I'll breath much better. Cigs I'm talking about. I'll always "smoke".

  14. Damn I empty normal cigarettes and fill them with weed It's pretty normal in my hometown cause shit is illegal

  15. Doesn't the filter cause you to lose potency? Resins etc.

  16. Can anyone give a good reason why O'Malley loses this fight that's unrelated to how you feel about him personally?

  17. Didn’t they also stop selling assault rifles?

  18. There's no such thing being sold in America, an assault rifle. Well, I guess if you have full auto fire control with a switch, then you DO have an assault rifle. But those aren't sold to the general public as 99% don't have a permit to own a fully automatic gun. A "machine gun" if you will.

  19. I was merely stating that your post mentioned assault rifles. There's no such thing being sold is what I was saying. Legally.

  20. Will be your most satisfied smoke ever probably! God I can’t wait to do that some day when it’s legal by me!!!

  21. Don't have to wait until it's legal you know. Just saying.

  22. i bought it in parchment paper, it was really hot when i bought it so i put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before putting it in glass. now when i dab it bubbles just a tad. Am i screwed? It’s a bit of a larger amount I got hoping to last me a while.

  23. Ain't no bubbles gonna hurt anything. You're fine. Smoke away man.

  24. i might be rly high rn but what if i put one of those white circle stands in the center of pizzas that hold it together in the jar with a moisture absorbent packet on top of it…

  25. You can just put the moisture absorbing pack in straight without putting it on the little pizza holder together white thingy. I do so daily. Little sizzle don't bother me knowing why it's doing it.

  26. I wouldn’t suggest smoking or decarbing that unless u like pure CBN affect… by CBN Affect it means coach lock.

  27. I LOVE the cbn effects. I wish they would come out with cbn carts to vape. Maybe 50/50, cbn to THC. Cbn I use nightly for sleep. I'm insomniac, and it works. Though I'm up again within 5 hours, but it still put me to sleep. Without it on some days I struggle to sleep. I get my cbn from scraping it off my e-rig and carta. My 2c.

  28. I really need to use a grinder that catches pollen more often ffs.

  29. Look into SLX grinders. Non-stick and grinds perfectly for joints. Fluffy, but not oversized chunks, nice for joints. I've had mine 2 years now and still like new. Little bit pricey, but not more than a Santa Cruz Shredder would be. I got the small sized grinder as I usually just grind enough for 1 joint at a time, and I love it. Great screen on it too. Catches kief great. Just my 2c.

  30. Lol paper towel method is tried and true and did not start on reddit. If OP is having trouble germinating his seeds he should try scuffing them.

  31. I've done paper towel in a sandwich bag under my bed when I was in high School mid 90s. I don't think there was Reddit back then ;)

  32. We were taught Roman numerals in 6th grade or sop and how the number changes depending on what letter is next that either adds or subtracts from what number the letters are

  33. What happened to Abolish the Police? Defund the Police? If there were NO POLICE, THIS is what happens. I'm sure the PO Po took 15 min to get there too. Don't rob stores. F around and find out.

  34. Knife is easy, launchers in ground war took me like maybe 10 hours to do all of them, shield was luck on shipment.

  35. Maybe I'll get them to obsidian in MW2 coming late October, I'll make it a priority to do so. Or TRY to do so. I really don't care if my gun has new camo. Or my operator has a different look/clothes. I'll N3VER buy a skin. I am jealous that snoop Dogg has a pay to use bundle, wish I could grind for it. Reminds me of people who will purchase 2, sometimes 3 or more, cell phones because a new color is out. Japanese do this ALOT. I find it stupid.

  36. The number of legal weapons carrying has grown in Brazil. Thanks to the Bolsonaro government, which is in favor of the legal carrying of weapons, Brazilians now have the freedom to acquire a weapon and have their right of defense guaranteed. With the release of the carrying of weapons, the number of murders in Brazil has decreased. There is still a lot to be done, but the first step has already been taken.

  37. Constitutional Carry just started in my state after being Ok'd in March, 90 days later. At least it's ok to CCW without the licence. I'd still go for the class for training purposes. So Brazil is pretty much constitutional carry?

  38. Yea I guess I meant it’s completely illegal here. Just to distinguish because of med/Rec differences in some states. I’m not sure changing the language is helping here in KY, but I’ll do whatever might help.

  39. I drive from Ohio to Detroit to get my meds. So much cheaper, and more than 70% THC on concentrates, we're capped at 70%. Stupidest shit. I stock up for a good 2-3 months. The drive sucks. Takes us 5hrs 1 way to get to Eight Mile road. Fuck around for 1 hour or 2, and 5 hours back. A whole day, but the money saved makes it worth it. Just set cruise control 1mph LOWER than the speed limit when nearing the border, then once in Ohio I'm scott free. I do have my med card, stuffs kept in trunk when ride back. Stops for gas, stretch legs and make sure concentrate jars aren't upside down making a mess etc. Last I went was mid March when gas was $2.50 gal. Not 5$. Still only about 55$ back then for fuel.

  40. She showed restraint by not at least 1 soccer kicks to the head, or a footstomp.

  41. CNN is the truth 100% I believe EVERYTHING they say.

  42. I warm mine up in some water then take a small double boiler to heat up some butter and I add the oil to melted butter then allow it to cool to use for edibles. I usually infuse 1 syringe of distillate oil into 2-3 sticks of butter

  43. I gram, or 1 syringe, is enough to medicate 2-3 sticks of butter? F me man, I'm going to have to do this to make edibles that use butter which is, or can be, used on anything. Why did you go with 2-3 sticks butter? I would think put it ALL in 1 sick for maximum potency. Was it too much for 1 sick? Making it taste bad all in 1,or something else to make it into 2-3 sticks? I have 20 grams RSO that I'm playing with. 100% eating it though.

  44. I do 2-3 sticks because I did 2 sticks the first time and the edibles were pretty potent. I usually add a stick to make them “manageable” to still function for me.

  45. Ah, I see. Responsible to do that. I've been smoker for 25 years, and I would put it all into HALF stick of could. Good luck. Should turn out ok.

  46. This is somewhat true…especially these days as manufacturers scramble to find alternate suppliers to defeat long lead times. I work for a OEM in an unrelated field and let me tell you that shit comes in on a container from China and we slap an American flag on it and mark it up 1,000%

  47. I 100% believe you with slapping a American sticker on it and done. I used to work for Xerox. We had parts that came from Saudi Arabia and we would have to open every box, remove plastic wrap, and place a USA sticker OVER the Saudi one, or wherever it came from. Shady as shit.

  48. All the vape/CBD/head shops sell them in Chicago. I think they’re straight up openly marketed as exactly what they are there too. Never bought one myself (I’m disabled anyway) but I’ve seen them a bunch and they must be growing in popularity especially in legal states like IL and MI because literally the last handful of times I’ve been in these kinds of shops, each and every time I got to listen to store employees explaining and instructing folks on how to use the fake piss and assuring them it will work and all.

  49. Brand is called U-Pass. White box. About 20$. Comes with fake piss in a bottle with temperature strip on it and 1 hand warmer. I usually wear thermal underwear on test days and smuggle fake piss if urine collection, if mouth swab, I do the Altoids/Mouthwash trick and it's worked 2x for me. I do know they can test for fake piss but unsure if they do as it's probably separate test with different costs.

  50. I drive that way every 60 days or so for my meds, by chance know ballpark pricing on one of them?

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