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  1. Can someone link a way to safely put this up one's anus? I dont have a syringe around, but I assume there are better products I can buy?

  2. I'm sure dispos would be more likely to have them than on the streets, as they're suppositories

  3. The one by my house has had the same shit since they opened 8 months ago. None of it sells because it's all too expensive. I stopped purchasing from this program about 2 months ago and I'm so happy I did. They're not monopolizing on my ass anymore!

  4. Same, I keep card to be "legal" even though it's just pot. Not like I'm shooting heroin or anything crazy dumb. Michigan every 2.5-3 months. Stick up for 2-3 months, go back. They have rec and med in Michigan, but med gets higher THC stuff supposedly. Like RSO syringes etc.

  5. I tried a half of their Layer Cake at $144.44. Buds weren’t impressive, pretty small, and the bunch was pretty dry. Crumbled into dust when ground up, so I tore through it pretty fast. Pretty harsh on the inhale and made me cough like a mfer. Effects were great but probably wouldn’t buy again because of how dry and brittle it was.

  6. Boost 62rh? Boveda 62rh? I do the little bit of wet paper towel, like a quarter size then fold it smaller. Use DISTILLED WATER. Not purified water, but distilled. Get piece of paper towel wet. Not soaking. Use judgement Using purified water it makes it take on that "hay/cut grass" smell. If turning to dust, I'd keep wet paper towel inside for 1 day. Oh, I'm also using mason jars to store an oz or so in each. I'm sure you could make it work with a baggie. It brings some life back. Should eliminate the dust at least

  7. Other water will ruin the taste and smell. I thought purified was good enough, it was, but I was told it's could run the Terps etc. Guess some "trace" minerals or something in the distilled is welcomed? I just use tap water.

  8. It's close. Hopefully more light models supported down the line.

  9. Me too, I'm screwed because I bought an Olight light/laser combo. All I've seen are TLR 7 fitted ones. I haven't purchased a holster yet due to me having to decide, get a custom one made, or, buy the TLR and THEN look for one. I have no other gun the Olight will fit.

  10. Instead of buying and wasting money on several shitty holsters just get one custom made from your edc’s from werks or Trex arms. I’ll never understand why civilians have so much trouble with buying and finding quality gear lol google isn’t your enemy by any means.

  11. I’m a big fan of dragonfly full spectrum, I’ve never tried those brands but I’ll look

  12. These aren't in dispos. Also Orange Selections carts are good. Only 3 I will buy from. Gotta know who/where.Not that hard to get.

  13. No. I know a few years ago there were 0.5 gram Gooeyman carts at Gage in Detroit. All in the "gifters" helping me out. Put it like this. It's kinda like getting product from the people who supplies the dispos. Cut out the middle man. All have their their "menu's" with prices and pics of everything from edibles to RSO to{} diamonds. Cheaper than when it goes to dispo as well for some items. Some of the items don't go the "public{'o)'

  14. I have a cut down scoop end of a slurpie straw

  15. It MAY be not allowed to bring an actual vape device on a plane due to fire concerns with them catching fire while in the air, but just the cart would be fine. Buy a cheap one where you're going. 15$ ooze pen. But come to think of it, people have to be able to travel with a unipro or something similar. I haven't flown in 20 years

  16. It’s 100% allowed to fly with a vape on your carry on but NOT in your checked bag. I would not hesitate to take a cart or two with me in this situation and I may or may not have done this many a time before lol

  17. That's it, I thought I heard that somewhere a while ago. Vapes, lithium batteries etc. Checked luggage, suitcase etc. If one did start to catch fire, nobody there to put it out, plane catches fire '

  18. How did you weigh the worm? Wouldn't it stick to a scale. Frozen maybe? I sometimes need to get 1g out of a 7g Baller bucket, I put in freezer 15min and quickly with parchment paper get 1g out and on the parchment to the scales.

  19. It's not transgender. It's a transvestite. Big difference. I identify as a truthteller.

  20. Burn it? I HATE the Cowboys with a passion. From the Aikman days. Don't burn it, I'm unsure what cleans up vintage Tshirts without harming the threads. Ive got some, maybe 20-25, but mine are all new except a few.

  21. This really possibly. 9v to steel wool to catch fire like that? I hold it on my tongue

  22. Looks like a movie explosion in slow motion in the beginning

  23. Make something to garnish with it? Make tea? I use sts for that. I save all trimming of buds when I harvest. I actually need to do something with all I've acumilated. Shits crispy dry and I think I'll make tea. Cut open tea bags and empty tea. Fill with trim. Staple shut. Do about 20 and let her steep.

  24. Dabs happened to me. You CAN SMOKE. But I'd just do joints, and barely breathing in your hit. I was able to smoke no problem and my shit was fd.

  25. Mustard bread? I've never heard of that. I assume you use mustard or it's got mustard in it. I'm curious now. I don't think store sells mustard bread. I've never seen it and I'm mid 40s

  26. Oh yeah. Scape it out and put it in some joint papers. The first time I did it my friend and I were having a hard time hitting it. He looked at me and asked,"When was the last time you cleaned it?" I responded,"You're supposed to clean it?" We went back to my room, took out a phillips screwdriver, and pushed out so much res it made two quarter sized balls about an inch tall.

  27. As a kid in the 90s we would scrape bowls clean and smoke the resin in bowl. It was a dankrupt thing, looked down upon as it was nasty.

  28. The only time I smoke res is when I'm out of flower. As I see it, I'm just getting the most out of my weed.

  29. Yeah, that'd be when I would ever smoke any. I have not been without flower for years, hope to keep streak going

  30. It's a hot take, but people in the US really sre obsessed with race and slavery. It still matters, it's still important to learn about, and it's repercussions are still felt today. But it really is used as a crutch in many ways.

  31. It's the crybaby's, participation trophy, kids mixed with tide pod eaters who are the "voice" of new generation. That's what I think. I also identify as a carrot. Don't misGENDER me.

  32. It must not be to bad its got you calling them butterfly relief lol… but really I expect sales especially super cheap stuff to be close to expiring, hopefully they’ll have to throw out a bunch of the over priced stuff and realize they gotta drop the prices up front… still love the complaint from the industry of over supply but they wanna charge 200 for a half and it’s all older

  33. I will gladly dumpster dive for all the top expensive stuff. 👍

  34. once you realize you’re an Ohio med patient for Michigan only, things get much easier 🙏🏻. I havent bought from OH in about a year at this point. enjoy the road trip and stock up, maybe you’ll find a caregiver one day 🙂

  35. I'm kinda naive, what does a caregiver do? Supply a person with flower, but why? Is it like for elderly or people who don't know what to do? How much does it cost to buy a caregiver? Is the caregiver role to supply proper strains and stuff for certain conditions like Insomnia or no appetite? You just call your caregiver and order some bud, shatter etc?

  36. Caregivers in Michigan can grow for the patients they are caregivers for. They can be a caregiver for up to five patients and grow up to 12 plants per patient. It's totally different in Ohio, as there is no "home grow" allowed. Caregivers here are more of a dispensary pickup person when needed. I sometimes have severe back pain, and on the days I need it, my caregiver goes to the dispensary for me. He has a caregiver card similar to ours that allows him to purchase for me.

  37. I see, hmmm.. you probably need to be in the MMJ program, no non expired card, huh? I let mine lapse but will get it again. Had a good month and got 2oz last time which will last a bit. I sometimes just get a cart from a buddy or concentrate from a buddy.

  38. i was the opposite. my dad smoked kools so i was stealing those from him. in my mid teens i started moving to non-menthols and by the time i was able to legally buy them myself i was full into the red zone

  39. Kool Filter Kings, the #1 brand of cigarettes in Hawaii. Newport 2nd.

  40. I've read a few mentions an SKS can go for double the $600 price, or $1200. Another mentioned I think $1,000. Are they jumping that high in price now? I remember months ago SKS' were $600 - $700 tops. I ask as I've a matching Yugo.

  41. No smoking may be listed on the lease but “no vaping medical marijuana” would need to be specifically listed as it’s a legal for activity, your neighbor could be upset about the noise of your cpap machine and there may be a noise limit after a certain time but that doesn’t apply to your legal and medically necessary device. If you wanted to keep the smell down though I would suggest getting a puffco and using concentrate i travel for work and stay in airbnbs and have never had anyone complain about the smell of using it. Your landlord probably doesn’t actually care as long as your unit doesn’t reek of marijauna but is probably trying to satisfy the neighbors so the easiest solution would be for you to do so as well. There’s a device called a smoq buddy that can reduce the smell. If your landlord wanted to press the issue I would contact a “NORML” lawyer they may be able to assist you without actually having to represent you in a civil case.

  42. Wouldn't that fall under some sort of medical discrimination because of the type of meds being used? I've always wondered since legal mostly what would happen if your JOB tested you and fired you for marijuana? I would be suing for Medical Discrimination. It's like you're being Punished because an ailment and a Dr recommended medication you take. They don't fire people who are on Ambians or other "drugs" that treat an ailment. Next they'll try to bust people for having ASTHMA and having to use an asthma inhaler. Alot of jobs don't test for pot anymore.

  43. I had got 2 of the Play brand 1g carts. They completely sucked imo. Taste like hot dog water. No effects. Bunk. Guess they're what, 14$ for a reason. Just my 2¢

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