1. For me my attraction to men doesn’t go past sex.

  2. People are just more acceptable to women in the community

  3. Fuck no lol better off trying fetlife or doublelist foreal

  4. Fetlife is the same thing fr. Everyone flakes, wants money, or just want women when it’s not a lot in the 1st place

  5. Because I don’t have the balls to hurt my fam and friends like that

  6. Your sexuality let’s others know who you’re attracted to.

  7. Glad you found this space to vent. It’s not something you likely want to share with non-bi humans.

  8. I will look into feeld but, people get ugly because their urges come back?

  9. Depends. If that's being asked all the time, it's more likely than not controlling behaviour.

  10. It’s more like she tells me shes out with friends then ask what y’all doing and who are you with

  11. If we are being honest if half these men told their wife they were bisexual they wouldn’t be married. A lot of women don’t like the thought of their man be attracted to another man. Religion and the fear of losing people play a big role on people living this double life. No one wants to live like this if people would stop judging people and spreading false things about bisexual men it wouldn’t have to come to this

  12. That's the thing, The theme in this sub seems to be "Help, I'm in a relationship with a woman, but craving men". If they knew before they got married, why marry a woman? Why not marry a man or if your scared about judgement not get married at all and have all the men you want. I get some people grew up 80s/90s or before but the 90s is almost three decades ago now. No one has to stay in a relationship with a woman because of "Society" anymore.

  13. People want to reproduce, people want “normal” lives, or other reasons that men won’t tell. Look they made a sacrifice 5-10-15-20 yrs ago and now they’re at points where they can’t fight the urges no more

  14. You can raise a baby together and not be together. Do you think you’d be happy getting back together? You can be in your child’s life and not be with her. Do you feel you need a paternity test? Make sure you go to court to protect your rights, don’t take her word for it. Get it in writing.

  15. I truly don’t know because every time she get mad she threatens me and I just feel like she’s going to use the child for leverage.

  16. as others have said, it depends on what exactly you are looking for. are you looking for random hook ups and don't really care who they're with? then grindr would probably work fine. most guys on there are also discreet so you won't have to worry about that so much.

  17. You’re right, but at the same time people still lying about everything nowadays

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