1. Probably going to only get support for the natural/physical here. Alternatives would be too supernatural/metaphysical which doesn't get much support in the scientific community in general.. which is rightfully justified.

  2. Looks like a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. We had one board at our kennel once. They're mostly German Shepherd that had wolf bred into them like 60 years ago.

  3. I'm asking the question to see what others (who frequent this sub based on physical cosmology) think about the claim the universe is 100% reductionist/physical.. hence the initial "What are your thoughts?"

  4. Many have explained how consciousness is a physical brain function, those who don't want to accept that created this "hard problem". It's like abiogenesis.. we don't know exactly how it happened, but since no supernatural or metaphysical explanation can be proven, we know it was a natural process. Again, there are plenty of physical explanation for things that people don't want to accept in light of their supernatural belief. Same with consciousness. There has never been any supernatural or metaphysical proof. We have plenty of physical proof that manipulating the brain effects our consciousness. Kill the brain and consciousness ceases to exist. That plenty enough physical proof, but if you have your metaphysical belief.. it is not.

  5. Using the math of the Hubble constant will help to explain why objects expand faster away from us the further out they are.

  6. No one really ever believes this story and it's a personal experience.. so take it with a grain of salt if you want.. but one time I was eating some Chinese food while watching TV. I was pretty much just shoveling food in my mouth. One of the bites I happened to glance down at right before I shoved it in my mouth and swallowed it. Took me a second to process it, but there was a piece of lettuce that looked all but rotten and I thought "I shouldn't have eaten that.."

  7. With the size of it, it's likely a queen ant larvae. Not just judging from its size, but with the number of ants trying to carry it. If it was a food source, like a larvae from another insect, it'd probably be 1 or 2 ants dragging it.. but they're purposely carrying it.

  8. https://bigthink.com/starts-with-a-bang/universe-reductionist/

  9. Unlikely, but there are some ant species where it's like a super colony made up of smaller colonies and I am pretty sure they intermingle.

  10. It's not just that, I think. But also that the insect isn't perceiving through that black dot as we do (true pupil).

  11. I can confirm that 2 viewers get their own apparent black dot, cause I was showing coworkers the cicada eyes and we were obviously looking at it from different angles and both got our own dots.

  12. This is called the 'pseudopupil' - a passive optical phenomenon that has nothing to do with the visual process at all. Whatever the background colour of the eye, the region that images the observer must look dark because it absorbs photons from the observer's direction. The dark spot moves with the viewer because different parts of the eye image different directions in space. - Animal Eyes Michael F Land & Dan-Eric Nilsson

  13. Thank you. Always thought it was neat, especially with a praying mantis cause it makes it look like they're trying to make eye contact with you.

  14. I think the post with 200+ comments that is asking if the JWST disproves the big bang was in a different sub and a mod moved it here.. cause I am pretty sure I saw it in the space sub and wasn't in this sub the other day.

  15. I didn't read all of it. Are you suggesting that thread should not have been posted here?

  16. I didn't read it either, I was just saying that it looked like a mod moved it here and someone (not the OP) referred to the topic of JWST disproving the big bang as being one that doesn't belong here.

  17. That would freak the fuck out of me. A widow…on my face?!

  18. It was so close, my eyes couldn't focus on it.. it looked like a blurry mass and I assumed it was a mosquito coming for my face.

  19. Don’t widows rarely venture indoors? This would freak me out

  20. The ceiling was the ceiling of the porch entrance to the apartment complex. I've seen them indoors at my old job, but that was because we shipped a lot of wood in.

  21. I like to think of the nothing as something we can't currently directly observe.

  22. A possibility without proof is just that, a possibility.

  23. If you're fishing for an anti-materialist point, good luck..

  24. I would think you could use just about any craft supplies that are safe for pets in general. Obviously you wouldn't want stuff that doesn't harden or gets soft with water.. and you don't need to worry about the jumping spider trying to eat dried glue or paint.

  25. Lol, if you cool guys were curious.. I lost my ability to even do most basic math after a head injury and coma, hence the mention of brain fog preventing it. I went from being on a path to be a math teacher to having to use a calculator for some of the most basic of basic math.

  26. Sorry to hear that. You have my empathy

  27. It's all good.. pity = attention so I rarely bring it up aside from the symptom of brain fog as a reason why my biological computer is crashing.

  28. Lady bug or lady beetle eggs I’m pretty stupid to not knowing the difference

  29. I think lady bug. The other eggs looked like some sort of shield bug eggs after doing some digging online.

  30. There were some studies that claimed mosquitoes that carry a disease, like malaria or zika, are more attracted to people that have or had the disease. I usually wait til I see numerous studies til I consider it a fact, but I can see it being the case from personal experience. Not sure if it's my blood type or the fact that I got Lyme disease as a child, but I could be out in a group of 10 people and end up with 20+ ticks on me and maybe 1 tick out of the 9 other people.

  31. I agree with what was said, it gets worse when you stop moving. I'm in a lazy phase and have been feeling like shit and I feel 99% confident that it's because I am not forcing myself to be active. It's easy to think that I am being lazy because of the Lyme, but I honestly believe that if I forced myself to get active, I would start to feel better some. Every period of my life when I was forcing myself to be active, I felt better physically..

  32. I'm definitely an aggressive smoker.. I'll choke down 2-3 in a row during a break. 2-3 during a 20 minute drive. A smoke every 30 minutes in between shows when I am binging.

  33. Lol, it won't help me quit. I won't quit til I am ready to and who knows when or even if that'll happen. Those old anti-smoking Truth commercials would make me smoke. Telling me smoking is bad for me will make me want to smoke. Trying to make me quit will make me want to smoke. Pretty much anytime someone is trying to push anything anti-smoking, it'll make me want to smoke more. I smoked a couple cigarettes writing my original comment, smoke one writing this one. I hate smoking cause I know how detrimental it is to my health, both physical and mental, but I love it so much at the same time.

  34. The Big Bang happened everywhere, it wasn’t a single point

  35. Since you deleted the comment I was replying to, I'll just paste my response to it here:

  36. Yeah sorry I deleted it because it was a comparatively weaker argument than what i replaced it with, but i’ll defend it here anyway

  37. You got any proofs for this claim? And are you looking at a singularity as a real object? Or a placeholder for where his equations break down? Cause I, like many others, don't see singularities as real objects, just where our known physics are no longer able to explain their nature. How did you apply the equations to everything that exists outside our observable universe?

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