1. You could do that or you could be more efficient with your wealth, without cheesing statues or whatever, get a ton of gold for instance, donate to the empire and level up more psy casters seems like a good way of doing it.

  2. I have had a lot of fun with it, I like collecting as many genes as possible and making perfect pawns, as well as building my mech army to deal with raids. It just gives you a lot of cool things to do. Oh and vampires are pretty neat as well.

  3. It is more like you ordered the slave child steak and your neighbour is judging you while he ordered the same steak yesterday and ordered the triple baby meat supreme burger last week.

  4. There’s a measurable difference between buying products that are unethically made, and products that have active boycotts against them. ‘There is no ethical consumption under capitalism’ was never designed to invalidate boycotts. It’s an invitation to practice harm reduction, by choosing products with the least terrible practices.

  5. It is the clothes we wear, the fodd we eat and ofc our gadgets. The point is that you should think twice before judging someone else of the same thing you are guilty of. It should not be used to dissuade people from boycotting, but it should give everyone a healthy portion of humility.

  6. I get you, I used to be there, now I just let time pass by manage my shit and see what happens while working on stuff here and there, the game will continue to throw you curve balls, also I do not play with killboxes so maybe that makes it more interesting idk. Also also, do not save scum, shit can and will hit the fan, and if you just savescum those moments away all that preperation will seem worthless.

  7. I haven’t tried it but I will now, never tried drugs in rimworld before in general.

  8. You need help. From now on send all your money to me, you don’t deserve money.

  9. The legends who actually think about something funny or creative are so much better, be more like them :)

  10. A orbiter that actually challenges destiny? We need him back, only one that still has that kind of role is pissco. But he will probably get pushed out too from all the psychos.

  11. I dislike them both infinitely and forcing me to pick one I like more is just cruel.

  12. Is she doing another genocide campaign? Maybe with richard spencer and nick fuentes this time?

  13. After knowing Notch's political leanings, the big nosed villager and golem thing is extremely sussy

  14. Oh no surely more people will not figure out how to crack it 🙄

  15. Most of the buyers are going to be on consoles anyway so the pirating cope is just that cope

  16. They just hate pc gamers, they do not recognize our status, free games is just comes with the territory baby.

  17. Or you put a moderate amount of effort into being a good person. I'm morally against theft, and the last time I stole was when I was around 10.

  18. The rest of you just suck at thinking. Except that 0.0001% that is literally jesus.

  19. It's not just 0.00001%. You're going to generally see positive behaviors from people who are broadly competent and pro-social. Someone doesn't need to be a prophecy promised saint to make comparatively few moral mistakes, recognize those that they do, and then do better in the future.

  20. It is only the 0.000001% probably smaller, who really really tried to first of all find out what is actually good(this has to be a considerable effort probably life long commitment). Then to actually try to live up to those standards, even to figure out how to do it in a practical way.

  21. Yes please more experts, less orbiters. More of that canadian intel dude he is awesome.

  22. Agreed, I also liked the Pixie/Erin thing

  23. There is no honor among thieves. Thanks for the seeds though :)

  24. We have it too fucking good, this shit is not going to last forever I can feel it.

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