[OC] The Bedrock Geology of North America

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  1. The highlands of Wisconsin are pretty interesting. Got some tall bluffs around there.

  2. Same with following the Niagara escarpment up through the up and Canada.

  3. Agreed. My wife and I started dating when we were both in high school. She was from different town because I'm related to like half of my graduating class, lol. We dated for 6 years, eloped, and now have been married for almost 9 years. She's a stay at home mom (her choice) for our 2 year old and new born. I have plenty of friends who try and date but dating in your 30s looks like it sucks. I'm so glad I met her when I did.

  4. As a whole, I knew my job is what most people want: high pay, no manual labor, and absolutely no chance of getting covered in sewage. Still, it’s abstracted so far from actual work that there often isn’t the feeling of accomplishment the same as actually doing a trade, like plumbing.

  5. Just remember, people wish they became plumbers, but those turd herders wish they'd become HVAC Techs. We're better, and we know it.

  6. I feel like Food Science likely has a specialty in breads you can practice. If so, that one poor guy has his actual degree up there with the rest of these joke specialties and is just constantly trying to explain that it’s a real thing.

  7. I regularly work in food and beverage production facilities. Ive done work at industrial sized bakeries, breweries, dairy plants, cheese plants, butter plants, frozen vegetables, pizza factorys, a frozen sandwich plant, dog food, flower mills, meat packers, and a place that makes seasonings and all the little weird ingredients you see listed on packaging that you dont really know what they are. Food scientists are legit. There's a ton of different factors that go into creating consistent food products. They are constantly taking samples throughout the process to check and adjust ingredient ratios and even changing environmental factors in real time as needed to create a uniform product.

  8. Really? The most dangerous driving I tend to see is from 15-20 year old shitboxes who need to go 90mph on their way to work at 6am down busy 2 lane highways.

  9. The operating costs of farms are always staggering to me, thank you for sharing, and thank you for considering the environment in your budget.

  10. My parents retired from farming in the last few years. Still costs them 20k a year just to keep the buildings in good shape. Some of them get rented out as storage to offset the sost but still, it's ridiculous.

  11. Once had a calico with seven toes on each paw.

  12. Had a friend who had a similar calico. Named it Traction.

  13. Yes, the settings look like they are correct in the thermostat. There's no hydronic heat option, but there is an option for "gas furnace, oil burner, or boiler system" in the

  14. Believe it or not, I played this game! And always found my way back, although it was exciting sometimes. Most prominently I remember playing it in Venice (Italy), while my parents were sipping coffee, oblivious of what I was doing. I must've been maybe 10yo. It was super cool, there's tiny alleys everywhere, and no cars.

  15. In high school, many moons ago when gas was cheap in the mid 2000s, we would do this on back roads. You'd have to go a town or two over as we knew all of our local roads, but 10 kids in a clapped out Celebrity station wagon, just bombing around, jamming out to burned cds and having the time of our lives.

  16. You failed to mention the marijuana you were smoking.

  17. Stone sober. None of us smoked at the time.

  18. My mother got so much shit for giving birth to my younger brother during deer hunting season! My dad stayed home for the birth and his hunting buddies gave them crap about it — and he went hunting after they came home! So my mom has FOUR children ages 8, 7, 5 and a newborn to care for. My grandmother helped but WTAF

  19. Lol. My sister and I were planed to be born during the winter as it's slow time around the farm. My brother was born in the middle of harvest, just before the start of bow hunting. That's how we figured out my brother was an accident, or a "surprise" as my mom corrects us when we bring it up.

  20. Logged haired man here, I carry a couple hair ties in my pockets 24/7. Unless I’m just on the electrical compartment my hair is up. Heard a story on my first day about a guy having to see the ER since the fan took meat with his hair

  21. Yup. I keep mine up all day, spare ties in my truck and bag.

  22. Agreed on all points. But I feel like both those guys are blue collar. They do very different things. But they are both worker bees. They have no opportunity to advance. They're just doing what they do to pay the bills. That is blue collar. White collar is a different league entirely.

  23. To say that there is no room for a blue collar to advance is pure ignorance. I know plenty of guys who move from laborer to foreman and into project management/estomator or teaching for their unions or a technical/community college. Life is what you make it.

  24. If that was a school photo I’d ask for my money back

  25. This happened to me with my senior photos like 15 years ago. My mom was pissed. As a kid who spent most of his time outdoors, I had a farmer tan and freckles on my face and arms. Guy made my arms and face look like the guy above and added some weird contour to my face as well.

  26. "They pay a premium for immediate response" well, then it sounds like your company can afford to provide the techs with bluetooth equipped vans. I also stopped answering calls on the road, and lo and behold i have a newer van with built in bluetooth.

  27. According to him, Bluetooth gives you cancer. They've offered it to him multiple times. I say leave the phone on. Pull off the road and respond as soon as safe. Going off the grid for hours on end is ridiculous.

  28. It still shocks me that in our field (enrirely based on science and requiring daily application of scientific analysis) is infected with so many scientifically illiterate people. Next time you see him, ask him what makes bluetooth any different from the -literal millions- of electromagnetic waves (both natural and manmade) passing through his body every millisecond of his life from the time he was a zygote. Is it wavelength? No. Amplitude? No.

  29. The dude knows his shit. A bit of a slow mover when I've worked with him but he's not a bad tech. An odd duck for sure tho

  30. Similar story here but not as bad. Feeding cows after school wasn't paid as it was part of chores. Really only took 30 minutes to an hour so it wasn't a big deal. Made $4-8 an hour (depending on the year, late 90s to late 00s) when working in tobacco, hay, or driving tractor. Weekends were hit or miss on if I was told to write down my hrs on a time sheet, depending on what we were doing. I actually recently found an old check stub from them when cleaning out an old box of papers. It was like 70 hrs from 2011 after I had moved out, probably for plowing and running grain cart, for $8/hr. It's less than 2 days pay for me now.

  31. Weird core memory time. My mom used to make bulk sandwiches kinda like the second guy. We raised tobacco and she would make 30 or 40 sandwiches at a time for the entire crew (enough for everyone to get oneor two). She would make a big hot lunch for everyone on weekends but weekdays and if we worked past 5 she'd make a ton of sandwiches. Nothing fancy, just a selection of ham, bologna, or turkey and a slice of cheese and mayo. If she had time she'd make egg salad or tuna sandwiches as well. Outside of tobacco harvest, if you were sitting in a tractor all day she'd bring you one with lettuce and pickles as well, along with an apple, 2 cookies, a can of pop and 2 bottles of water. I still make a sandwich everyday for lunch. I use better ingredients but mom's sandwiches will always be the best for some reason.

  32. $250 is totally unrealistic, normally you get some high school kid to do it for like $50 or something. Of course it all depends on how long the sitter needs to be there but I cant imagine ever needing to spend more than $100 to have a night/evening out.

  33. Christ almighty, some people are out of their mind. We pay $265 a week for daycare at a nice Lutheran church in town for one kid. It's state licensed and like the nicest daycare in our town of like 15k people. We have a high school girl down the road who babysits for $8/hr for our nights out. $250 a night is the total if you include a very nice dinner, drinks, and babysitter all together.

  34. You forgot to include Club Bristol in Wisconsin, ware men go missing for days only to mysteriously reappear covered in glitter.

  35. I heard if you say God save the Queen, the queen gets 1 min of your life so that’s how she’s been alive for so long

  36. Reminds me of people at a bar complaining of being broke as they light up yet another cigarette, talking about some great weed they just bought while the bartender delivers their fifth shot of the night.

  37. God does this hit close to home. I have friends like that, particularly one of them. We are in similar industries (he does new construction while I do service work) and I know hes making close to $100k, depending on ot and how busy his company is. Constantly complaining about being broke and how he can't afford to fix all the things in his house and Keep his pile of shit vehicles running. Doesn't cook at home and just eats at another friends bar every night. He's constantly buying more junk vehicles and 4 wheelers and snowmobiles and boats. Everything he buys is in bad shape and hes "gonna fix it and flip it" but nothing ever gets flipped and rarely gets sold. His roof has head tarps on it for like 3 years and his septic backs up into his basement all the time. He has a fucking junkyard on his 5 acres. He's a single guy in his thirties with no real responsibilities and it's just so dumb with money. Everything is everybody else's fault. Refuses to listen to any of us who are good with money. I can afford for my wife to stay at home with 2 kids making a little more than he does. He had a girlfriend for a little while and was actually getting better but she left him for a guy who wasn't a giant man child. Don't get me wrong. Hes a great guy. Probably one of my best friends before close to 20 years. Doesn't ask anyone for money to help him out, just makes terrible decisions financially.

  38. I've been doing this for about 10 years now, it's great. I have a "butterfly" handle, and I use Gillette Platinum blades. Got a sampler pack of blades to begin with, to see which ones worked best for me.

  39. Try Cremo instead of the canned stuff. A single tube lasts forever compared to a can and works even better in the shower.

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