1. I just put cards in a penny sleeve and then in a card saver and then in the plain white envelope. No complaints yet. I usually receive the same way. Never any damage in my experience, except some people put more than one card in the same penny sleeve which is outrageous to me.

  2. Download the app ‘Grab’. It’s basically like Uber and I used it when in Bangkok. Very easy and good prices :)

  3. 3 people are interested so I’ll split them between the 3 of you. I’ll drop a message as soon as I can.

  4. I bought some at a pharmacy over there for like £3 a bottle. Not sure if that’s expensive or cheap in Thailand but was definitely cheaper than most places in the uk.

  5. When I went I took multiple taxis and wasn’t required to wear a mask, unsure about public transport etc however I’d guess it would just depend on your taxi driver

  6. Check coverwise, I got an annual worldwide coverage for like £15. £50 excess

  7. I like to do many small trips. Although, if I lived in the US I reckon it’d be a different story. Being in Europe it’s so easy to book a cheap flight for the weekend or a couple of days. If I enjoy the trip I will look to go back for a longer amount of time, or re visit a couple more times for a weekend.

  8. Do you count if you were there as a child but don’t remember? I was a well traveled kid, military brat, but there are many I don’t consider in my count because all I have is a picture of me in front of fountain, a sign, etc., but have no memory of it whatsoever.

  9. I’m similar, I used to go to turkey lots as a kid but I don’t remember much. I only started marking off trips from those that I paid for myself

  10. Your friend sounds like the kind of person that would start a freelance business like photography and then say on LinkedIn that they're the Founder, President AND CEO of their business.

  11. Are you sure I don't need internet? What about looking up places to go?

  12. Havana for the most part varadero. Do bars and clubs only accept Cuban pesos ?

  13. The ones I went to accepted both but it was much cheaper using pesos. Most do want CAD, EUR etc though over pesos. Restaurants I had to use CAD, it was expensive

  14. Okay thanks! I will check it out. Do you know of any popular towns near the lake where I might be able to meet other travellers (or like which towns have hostels)?

  15. I’m not sure 100%, I went to bmylake in Zamardi and met quite a few people who traveled from different countries for it.

  16. Lake balaton is Hungary is amazing. They also have some festivals around there too.

  17. Most likely everywhere will take card also, If you’re going to exchange I wouldn’t take loads. ATMs are also everywhere

  18. Neither of those 👎, it’s kinda like a spray painted clown face on it. Can’t for the life of me remember it

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