1. Even though the scammer returned it all, lets not forget they put all that effort into scamming in the first place!

  2. Sub has hated solana since it was $200, if you zoom out sub is actually spot on for once!!!

  3. Levers kill. Stay away from futures.

  4. I love the optimism and delusion on show here, but lets be real, in these market conditions BTC ain't doing a 200% pump anytime soon. It may pump, but calling for a 200% pump is just like all those people calling for $100k BTC

  5. They have to do whatever it takes to survive this brutal bear. Sorry for those who lost their jobs

  6. All funds were “lost “ on over priced Food, boats , and hoes …

  7. Inflation really made everything expensive for those scammers lol

  8. If you don't trade, you don't get caught.

  9. Imagine shorting coins that are like 99% down from ATH xD

  10. Shorters are calling for 10k btc, just like how in the bull those same people were calling for 100k lmao

  11. No matter how sure I am I always check each character to see if the address is right or not. It's just something I have to do.

  12. I've never gone to my transaction history to copy my address from there. I honestly don't understand why someone would do that. I'm genuinely curious to hear from someone who has done it before.

  13. Only the creditors but not for those customers man lol.

  14. So when is that money going to be distributed to its rightful owners?

  15. The first bitcoin transaction ever was sent 14 years ago today! It was from Satoshi Nakamoto to Hal Finney, the transaction was 10 bitcoins

  16. The worrying thing is after 2 weeks they will market sell your bsv if you dont do something about it before jan 25. Anyone know the delisting policies of other crypto exchanges?

  17. Thats pretty cool and i appreciate your insight. Regading tips being abused to shill, for now,

  18. I like the idea, and it is possible. For example Banano do this on reddit for long time. But fees may be the problem for moons. Not lack of commands, but fees are main reason why cc sub users doesn't tip anymore, they tipped in the past even without commands, cause of testnet we had no fees.

  19. True, but fees are so cheap still, i feel if tip is visible more people will do it

  20. BUSD is effectively dogshit given it is run entirely by binance. You want to be an exchange? Fine. You wanna stablecoin? Fine. You wanna do both, get fucked.

  21. Busd on ethereum is run by paxos and is regulated in the US, however busd on bsc and tron etc are not, thats why i only trust in erc20 busd

  22. There’s a post literally a few below this one talking about concerns over busd losing its peg

  23. Last bear I had put in around 25k in the 2017 bull that turned into 6k around November 2018. From that point on until somewhere mid 2020 I put in another 45-50k in mostly BTC, ETH and a small plethora of shitcoins. That blew up to about a little under 600k with BTC and ETH most of the time comprising around 60-75% of my Portfolio.

  24. People dont often talk about DCAing out but it is just as important imo

  25. I don't think a person with his own mind and thinking would decide to buy those. So you must have bitten advice from Kevin O'leary.

  26. Many traders used FTX not because of kevin o leary, but because the platform was actually decent for perps.

  27. Its been a while since some nice pumps, even though this is probably just a relief pump, it is highly appreciated lmao especially since i hodl some ldo

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