1. Yes, more dogs in office please. They are much less distracting than people.

  2. Yeah, that’s why a mix of Keto and Intermittent fasting is how we role.

  3. It’s not a handshake, but a footshake. You put your foot out and turn it like a key. The other person puts their foot out and touches their toe with yours: Key-toe.

  4. Top posts on Askuk, which are all some variety of “here’s some area to moan about: go”. Oh wait, maybe I enjoy it secretly.

  5. It might actually save on electricity. Led pa els are pretty cheap to use and glass isn't a good insulator

  6. Freezer doors are going to be double pained glass at least, which is a decent insulator. These devices use energy, which means they generate heat (you can't argue that point, it's a fact of thermodynamics). So you're literally making a less efficient fridge in the name of providing something NO customer wants, more ads.

  7. Do you also avoid stores that have open fridges and freezers? They are far worse

  8. Also, compared to open fridges and open freezers, it's a massive energy saver.

  9. There FreeStyle Libre that offers a free trial of a blood glucose monitor.

  10. One, rape, locked up, release, rape again, locked up.

  11. You are still getting benefits you have just adapted. Try mixing it up, varying speeds, different rhythm. I like to do soma breath to keep things different and still get great feelings and effects from both types of breath work after years. It also never hurts to take a break if you feel you need to or think it will help.

  12. Also perhaps try more rounds. The fifth round is always pretty wild for me. I’m normally happy with just 4 though.

  13. Most humans in history didn't live longer than age 12… so it's certainly not linear.

  14. Not sure that’s true. Hunter gatherers lived until 60 and in more recent times, the life expectancy was 30 to 40 years, but even that was influenced heavily by infant deaths, meaning people lived longer. We’ve gotten better at squeezing more people onto the earth and reducing infant mortality, but other changes haven’t been so dramatic.

  15. The line gradually climbs, but catastrophic events drag it back down by killing people of all ages.

  16. In which case, with the current rate of tackling climate change, it's bound to decline.

  17. It's because we can't in any way guarantee that any of that $2 in taxes will be paid toward things we care about or find important. The money vanishes and we don't have any clue at all as to where it vanishes to.

  18. Yeah, could be going to help poor countries fight climate change or could be going to a two fingers up to Mexico wall that harms wildlife. So many opposing forces in play at the moment.

  19. An American flag and pole, so that they can put it in their front garden to let everyone know you’re staying.

  20. Also, having a school of ill tempered sea bass is totally attainable for them, however I’ve yet to hear about one.Boooooorinnnngg!

  21. My old boss had a tank of piranhas in the office.

  22. He is a parsons Russel Terrier, loves to sit next to me when I take ice baths

  23. What about the breathing? Mine loves to sleep on my lap whilst I’m doing the breathing.

  24. Frustrating that they don’t mention sugar and carbs in the diet. I imagine they don’t want to lose their sugar lobbying group sponsorship like most news sources.

  25. They are not funded by the sugar lobby. Not everything is nefarious.

  26. Yes, I agree it probably wasn't actually the guardian being nefarious. Sometimes, but one way or another, they missed a trick here. I imagine somewhere down the line, there was money involved with a lobbying group, but lobbying isn't necessarily nefarious, it's just a part of modern society. Not everything is nefarious.

  27. I think his personal guilt would be being away from his family for long periods of time.

  28. If they have land and an inherited title. That's the definition of upper class.

  29. I can sell you upper class for a few hundred quid then mate!

  30. I wouldn’t recommend, bought one and regret it. Ok, you fill a small tray of ice, but then you have to put it in the freezer to free up more space. Ended up buying ice trays for freezer instead as easier.

  31. Yeah, Jason Fung, Obesity code, does a pretty good job in explaining this. It’s insulin imbalance that makes us fat and a high sugar, high carb diet is the perfect way to create this hormone imbalance.

  32. Ultimately it's learned helplessness and emotional blackmail and just straight up manipulation, but if you remove the ammunition it could remove power from it.

  33. Yeah, there's been a lot of health benefits shown from fasting too. Perhaps suggest she skips the biscuits next time.

  34. Legalise weed so we can tax the hell out of it and stop pretending normal people are criminals

  35. Yeah, my thoughts exactly! If anyone is wanting to know more as to the real why, read McMafia.

  36. Which it won't. It never does. I'm sure there's the odd exception, but by and large most people will increase their spending, their lifestyle expenditure, as their funds expand. Otherwise what's the point? Unless you're going down some active altruism route. I've worked with a few very frugal people who were earning good money. They acted like they were some hero for earning what they do and basically sitting on it. I just thought "What's the point? Our job comes with a level of stress, if all you're interested in doing is meeting your basic needs, you can do that with a lot less effort stress".

  37. It’s called a rainy day fund. There’s always been financial crisis, about once every 15 years. Plan for it.

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