1. Wait wait wait. No one told me I could smoke my Ween! BrownAF!

  2. A new breath I feel the grip releasin' Scraping my guts off of the ceiling I've got that sunny bunny feeling

  3. Whence the Blessed Boognish turns on the mighty brown power amplification system, it’s difficult to turn it back off. It is known.

  4. Looks like I will be supporting Michigan’s infrastructure instead of Ohio’s. Brilliant!

  5. Ohio is too busy taking away rights to give any.

  6. Removing rights while increasing profits. ‘Murica!

  7. Sorry but no I didn’t see it. I’m not great with this Reddit app. Lol. But I’ll try to find it. Thanks.

  8. “He was key in organizing several “boys night out” parties that Francis hosted, including coordinating schedules and communicating plans, he said.” —> Ooh yea, talking 'bout boys club You can talk of the future, you can talk of the past You can go find yourself a nice piece of ass at Boys club Ooh yea, talking 'bout boys club!

  9. Tax the churches. Pay up or shut up. Representation without taxation. They’ve all gotten a free pass for long enough.

  10. Red Bud Roots $14 for 100mg in MI. Can’t beat It.

  11. Northeast Ohio. I’m guessing there will a lot of animation on the screens. Hopefully both bands have a decent amount of time and maybe even jam together. Maybe it will just be a DVDA concert. I don’t care. I can’t wait. Lol.

  12. If you’re driving through again you should check out god save the queens! She has cool ween merch and is a cool chick in general.

  13. This. She’s awesome and it’s a cool little shop.

  14. I wanted to see these guys in Pittsburgh but looks like scalpers have most of the tickets. I’m not gonna pay ~$200 dollars for a GA ticket. 😕

  15. Currently Tried and True. (Thanks Learn2ween!). Idk how to tag users. I’m not yet wise to the ways of Reddit.

  16. Touchdown Jesus catching on fire was hilarious.

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