1. Can I run this is google colab? Also… cool username!

  2. I fear that every time this question is asked, the mighty boognish flips the hour glass to reset the countdown.

  3. His mother called him Hendershot…..

  4. My mom has original pressings of most of the ween albums, it's a sacred collection

  5. What the fuck. This guy should be shamed out of every newsroom in the country. It just goes to show that traditional local news is dead and taken over by national conglomerates with a right wing culture war agenda.

  6. Is it alive, does it writhe Can it survive under the sun?

  7. Nope... they'll charge more for the upgrade.

  8. Were they doing this at the snoop dog show too or is this “jam band” specific enforcement? 🤦‍♂️

  9. Yeah I definitely saw primusween at red rocks, but also I saw Dean Ween play with the Lennon Claypool delirium once, if that's worth anything

  10. Woah. Me too! DWG with Lennon claypool was killer.

  11. Yes! Disco is fantastic too. Saw them on the dv tour and it was some next level shit. Unreal. I’d love to see that version of bungle make some music again. This new/old stuff is… idk, not my cup of tea. 😂

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