1. They will also kill you if you don’t love queen or Pink Floyd I say this as a HUGE Rock and Roll Fan

  2. You have to listen to Christian Music all the time I don’t think I could do it the music is hot garbage and if there’s even a electric guitar in it u get beat and your constantly told if it’s not Christian it’s not real Music I legit had a stash of Rock Albums I had hid under my bed

  3. You forgot the hot bitchy blonde girl causing drama I know it’s more of a movie thing but there real

  4. He’s driving the number that beat him in the 2022 Motogp Championship (they actually had a title fight)

  5. I mean comparing crue to paranoid-era sabbath doesn’t really make sense in this context. That album is definitely metal if you consider when it was released (1970). Crue wouldn’t debut for another decade

  6. How has no one realized how much Penelope Carroll looks like Elen Degenerate

  7. I had a theory that Max was Actually a Robot built bye Christian Horner so maybe Lewis hacked him and made him a dick so he could make him look bad

  8. George was Public Enemy #1 Max got Hated on for doing something that if anyone else did it they would get praised for it

  9. Negative punishment is always more affective than positive punishment -- which studies show are damaging and cause higher rates of aggression in adults. Literally you aren't supposed to use positive punishment in research experiments because it's so unethical but SURE it's totally okay to use on small children... smh

  10. Do you think I was Beat to a bloody pulp as a kid? No! We just got Smacked on the rear with a belt or piece of wood

  11. It's still bad. It doesn't matter if you don't leave a mark. Look into the research.

  12. Ur kid probably gonna be an Asshole growing up or one of those got scared when yelled at

  13. Idk I was a Music Snob in High school still am I played a little bit of Football 🏈 (I played D-Linemen for anyone wondering) but I quit cuz I just didn’t really wanna play anymore Maybe Lucas but probably Eddie cuz I played guitar still do and I love Rock Music not like Metal as much but like GNR Led Zeppelin Queen that kind of stuff I was kind a quite had 1 really good friend I could crack a joke or two I also did a bunch of dumb stuff that sent me to nurse’s office more often than not jumped off the stage at a gig my band did broke my ankle but I was fine

  14. Harrington snaps the ball he heeves it down field to Wheeler ITS INTERCEPTED BYE HENDERSON

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