1. Man, America arms it's cops to the teeth, gives them military surplus, makes wannabe special forces type SWAT and SCORPION teams, then acts surprised when they start treating civilians as enemy combatants

  2. Or when they still piss their pants and hide while literal children are getting shot to hell.

  3. Yes, you don't need Gucci gear, you need balls. Old-school room clearing have folks using pistols or hip firing SMG, and it works, no need for so many gears. It's the mentality and training

  4. That's cool, they'll happily shoot you when you're on your knees.

  5. Nah, if any higher-ups are upset they're just upset about the timing. Complete control and aggressive monetization are what they want and what they've always wanted. They'll try again soon enough.

  6. My family immigrated to the states from the Nordic countries, I've always wanted to get some cool traditional Norse tattoos, but the fucking white supremacist have ruined that for me.

  7. Take them back. Those cunts don't get to lay claim on our culture.

  8. But when the gun or "firearm" was created a brace was not attached. The brace is an accessory, they have no legal authority to regulate it when it is not attached to a "firearm". This makes no sense at all.

  9. I carry a 365xl every day and I've been clocked once when concealing.

  10. The point of every hall monitor episode is that absolute power corrupts absolutely and yet we still have people my age that support the cops smh

  11. Of course these bastards would try and disband the IRS before the ATF

  12. Capitalism also created the restaurant people are sad about being “paved over” by the new ownership, no?

  13. Capitalism absolutely played a part in the original restaurant. Are you one of those people who thinks capitalism isn't responsible for anything good happening? This question, like the question in my previous comment, is rhetorical.

  14. Are you one of those people who cry when confronted with an opinion different than your own?

  15. Damn it'd be terrible if a tall buff guy came up and patted you on the head and called you a good boy wouldn't it

  16. I think it would be funny if people protested this and it becomes a PR issues for them

  17. Child labor is fine but we draw the line at ruining a meme!

  18. Nope! We're gonna be too busy learning about the shiny new big bad guy™️, The Rampant™️!!

  19. So.. he should double-definitely get out of the marriage?

  20. Divorce her cause she's a cop not because she's into weird sex 😤

  21. Ok but why in the good goddamn fuck are the words "women" and "sex" both censored?

  22. That's ok Germany, I'll believe in violence enough for the both of us :)

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