1. Had a dream that I was a devil hunter in the Chainsaw Man universe, but I didn't know how to use my devil properly

  2. Hhahaa, making jokes about your addictions. What a good community!!

  3. Some people cope differently with their traumas. Why do you think jokes about suicide are so common? It isn't cause people aren't serious about it, but because laughing at their predicament makes it feel smaller and less overwhelming. Constantly being on the offensive gets immensely tiring, and it's healthy to find ways to cut the tension we've built up.

  4. I don't know what's better: Your giant perfect asian tits? Or that wholesome smile? Both are wonderfully to see though

  5. Georgism: You have two cows, and only pay a tax for the land they graze on.

  6. DDD is literally just a joke, Nonstop Nut November on the other hand is just straight up immature reactionary nonsense that only exists as backlash from coomers. Next year stuff like this will be an afterthought and No Nut November will still be a thing.

  7. I FUCKING LOVE IT when you post content like this specifically. So fucking hot.

  8. I usually only read New Testament passages that are in the Jefferson Bible, and I then try to understand and critique whatever I'm reading in a systematic/philosophical manner, maybe even compare it to some Classical philosophers to see who said what better, so to speak.

  9. A nice white ass like yours would be perfect reparations for this cock

  10. I think it was one of the recent ones. Either Shadow the hedgehog, Klonoa or The Darkness

  11. Mine takes place in a world based on reality, but with my own things added in to make myself a protagonist in convoluted ways.

  12. I don't know quite how to feel about this. It's undeniable that he is talented, the composition and craftsmanship are exceptional and the characters look like they are described in the story, but I cannot get over the casual racism and misogyny of Bêlit: "ivory skinned" female pirate of an all-male, all-black (ebony skinned) crew of "Shemite" origins that cause her to go into a "bright drunkenness" at the sight of riches and who subordinates herself openly to Conan essentially the moment she sees him fight.

  13. It ain't that deep bro. Just enjoy the art, it doesn't have to be a whole race narrative

  14. It's not even subtle. I'm not saying that there's nothing beautiful here, but it's based on, and leans into, a lot of seriously fucked up racist stereotypes.

  15. I have a porn addiction that I think my MDD exacerbates by making hyper-detailed fantasies, to the point where I'm very unsatisfied with my inability to articulate and/or find real life examples of them in porn. It definitely makes it harder to stay sober for long periods of time, but I'm definitely making progress still.

  16. I refuse to believe that this game isn't just an elaborate satire. My mind can't handle a reality where people wrote dialogue THAT BAD and thought it would be well received by anyone.

  17. I like to think the afterlife would be a mix of Plato's world of Forms and whatever paradise an individual in question would imagine for themselves. For example, in this afterlife everything exists in it's "perfect" form, but the perfect form is different for everyone and no matter how differently it's described people will always unanimously agree that that's exactly what it is, like if a bowl of mac'n'cheese looked different to every individual that sees it and all their descriptions of its appearance and taste is correct.

  18. Technically, yes. Although it can just be a religion to you if you're not interested in constantly systematically evaluating your beliefs, and that's perfectly fine.

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