1. That's not how it works, though. Something happening once in one situation doesn't mean it can't happen elsewhere, and you're the one asserting the limitation that it's necessarily because of materialism - where's your proof of that?

  2. It feels like you are trying to win here rhetorically because you don’t like the fact that the other guy is correct and lack evidence/knowledge to explain otherwise

  3. Except he isn't correct, or at least has zero evidence to back up his theory. It's not rhetoric, it's asking for proof of a rather significant and unbelievable claim.

  4. Is it some sort of fallacy to say. "this thing we have been doing has been going pretty well so far. If you think we should change it then you should provide a reason why."?

  5. If you kill a protester, you've proven that protester to be 100% right.

  6. It does seem a little strange to have a circle jerk on Reddit over the price when you are clearly not the target demographic.

  7. That's how it works for me. AI will sometimes randomly start a "cut down to size" on you, but will chicken out if you're powerful enough.

  8. You get whatever your primary war goal is - as the defender, whatever the first war goal you selected was

  9. Oh shit, so if you add a war goal before it auto populates war reps, I’m assuming that’s after the opening phase, that war goal is primary? That’s awesome, very useful information

  10. Welfare from my two campaigns ends up breaking the endgame and creating a unemployment death spiral

  11. Just do first level of poor laws. Insignificant amount of capital and helps smooth over unemployment

  12. And then the west accuses China of doing the exact same thing with zero evidence of it. Projection!

  13. Massive cope. It’s just a case of pot meeting kettle. No projection at all. Granted china is just playing catch-up with this game

  14. Also there should be a pop talent level system so more experienced pops should have better effiency at jobs they do more. This way you can specilize your pops in certain sectors like furniture production , trade or sugar plantation. This can create variety between markets.

  15. In my experience, never set war reps as a goal if you cant realistically invade. It can really screw you later.

  16. This is the cut down to size Casus belli. Is there a way to remove a war goal? Because your country is automatically forced to pick war reps as a war goal. Not sure if there a work around outside of endless naval invasion attempts to bring about a white peace

  17. The tech is for the -25% difficult landing modifier. You can cheese the insufficient naval support modifier by sending the fleet to do something else(like patrol) as a soon as the land battle has commenced.

  18. AKA you can fix it by not having capitalism.

  19. My hands down favorite was how the sliver of border between me(Russia) and the ottomans on the left of the Black Sea and the right of the Black Sea were on the same “frontline” lmao

  20. Still double-dips on infamy (puppet+annexation) but it's at least faster than only getting 1 state per play when they back down. Fortunately they've said they're going to allow multiple demands at the initiation of a play in the future so Mexico can't force the US into truces by only giving up 1 state every few years when I'm just trying to manifest some destiny.

  21. Does it actually double dip? Because I notice a smallish reduction in puppeting a country as opposed to conquering it. Then annexing the same country has a significant reduction in infamy. Not sure if puppeting+annexing= Direct annexing but it’s definitely close

  22. The pieces you can use to put this together would be:

  23. Wow, that is so cool. Thanks man. That LEFT MID RIGHT looks so useful is other scenarios.

  24. Banks have really made some huge mistakes over the last five to ten years investing in multibillion dollar coastal projects and they continue to keep doing it. Wealthy people keep spending millions on coastal properties too. It does not makes sense, why are the banks still investing in multibillion dollar coastle investment projects if they are going to wrecked by climate change?

  25. Because it is propped up by disaster relief and appreciating value. How is it a mistake when the banks literally make huge money on financing coastel projects? Belief on if climate change being real isnt relevant

  26. Let's hope you won't have bruh... let's hope the universe brings you that mansion that you deserve because you earned it... I genuinely hope you get it..

  27. Atleast the mansion is a possibility. .000001% chance of a mansion is better than a 50+% chance of being gulagged or put against a wall. Starving is not fun dude

  28. should've listened to Patton. There would have been an astronomical reduction in human suffering around the world if we paid back the reds with lead.

  29. great write up. One thing that I dont understand is how to get my puppets to give me manpower when they have the -1000 "not enough manpower" modifier. I tried imporivng relations which didnt help. Is there a way to force them to a higher conscription law?

  30. If they don't have enough manpower they don't have the manpower to give to you. I would be incredibly surprised if there's any way to make puppets move to higher conscription laws without cheats. You also have no control at all over what focus tree path they take as there are often manpower boosts there, especially for some smaller nations (it does seem like the AI favours those focuses though even uninfluenced by the player).

  31. I see. Well in situation ive been dooing a few romanian runs for the acievements and after puppeting hungary (to get yoguslavia to myself) and bulgaria they are very low on manpower and refuse to help. The best alternative ive found is requesgting their forces and using them on my russian front. I then land lease them to put their autonomy down since fighting raises their autonomy. Hoping that their troop losses will cause them to go to a lower consciption law and then i can pull manpower for garrisons and give them their troops back since they are shit, although even shitty ai divisions can do some pushing with CAS overload. Thanks for the insight though

  32. R5: invading britain in 1946 after scouting and seeing they had at least 10 divs per port

  33. just fake invade gibralter for a year and that should destroy most of the british army

  34. It's okay to kill your wife if she makes you angry - that's Italia.

  35. 2016 rang it wants its "hurr hurr berlin and stockholm muslim" joke back

  36. Try spending less on candles. Also, delete your naxy and that should let you build a couple more forts

  37. AI Riga is so OP that even the best EU4 player in the world lost to them.

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