1. I thought most manga that have revenge plots basically make the point revenge is bad

  2. Don't get me wrong, I love the "getting back at bully" idea but after rewatching that gum tape death match race from Initial D (If you haven't watched it please do so, it's amazing) countless times I just couldn't find one that's just as good ever since. Well, apart from Mob Psycho 100!

  3. Turns out the error was that OP thought he was above us all cuz he has watched the anime more times than us.

  4. I don't know how everybody suddenly jumped to the conclusion of me having a superiority complex when all I did was make people play guessing but whatever floats your boat I guess lol. All you had to do was just watch the exact same scene with the timestamp I gave you. Simple as that.

  5. Idk man. You started what seemed to be a fun guessing game. Then you reply to wrong guesses simply asking them to try harder instead of giving them clues or telling them if they are hot/cold. You refuse to elaborate anything. And then you go on a rant about how the FB groups could do it and the subreddit is toxic.

  6. you've got it wrong. it's already done a full circle and going on the second ;)

  7. It wasn't me. But i can if you want to you insecure dumbass. Just say yes

  8. It was probably the director's decision to save some time and cel animation cost I guess

  9. Does Anybody Know Who Made The "INITIAL D THIRD STAGE THE MOVIE" Voice Line?

  10. I'm just gonna say it man. This music really doesn't fit with the video and I can't even tell if you tried to edit it to match the beat. It honestly looks like you just clipped out the full scene, slapped a VHS filter on it, replaced the audio with the song, and called it good.

  11. I know. But then again, the OST's used in the series have very addicting beats but they're mostly just sex songs so I don't think it bothers me that much.

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