1. The internet is way too full of people trying to publicly own each other. It’s why I don’t browse Twitter.

  2. Yeah, I can shoot 100 and still play 18 in three hours. I’ve played with guys that take three hours to play nine holes and shoot low 40s. They’ll laser the pin, take 2-3 practice swings, change clubs, take another couple of swings, step up, go through a 40-50 second pre-shot routine, and then finally hit the goddamn ball. And putting? You’d think these guys were playing for a million dollars instead of a buck a hole.

  3. People think the term "ready golf" means hop out of your cart and smack the ball. When it actually means while your buddy is getting ready to hit go over to your ball and do what you need to do while he's hitting so when he's done you can are already to hit.

  4. This is more like showing up at Le Mans and having a large part of the track fall apart. The venue wasn't prepared for the race.

  5. If you don’t like being called a nazi then why do you embrace their ideas around immigration? Asking where I’m from isn’t really helping your case either.

  6. How is expecting people who immigrate to a different country to assimilate into the country and culture being a Nazi. That's all I said. But you just respond with a dog whistle. I guess by that logic the Native Americans where wrong for trying to defend their land(soil) and culture(blood) from the white man.

  7. What a brilliant display of ignorance. Indigenous populations are not demanding cultural assimilation. They’re resisting forced assimilation from a culture that is a direct result of European arrogance and in many cases attempting to hold governments accountable to the legal documents they created. Demanding a monoculture is a nazi policy and denies the validity of other peoples lived experiences and worldview.

  8. I'm just matching ignorance with ignorance. I will debate you on the issues but when you just respond with a ignorant dog whistle it becomes clear you have no interest in debate. So with that I say good day.

  9. Some of the stuff people wear in the dinning room and bar make them look like the staff. I don't understand fashion.

  10. There is a uniform for staff but they have like 23 different combos they can wear with the uniform clothing provided. Some of it is real high fashion.

  11. Participating in an illegal war (2003 Iraq invasion) is a war crime. These Russians should go to jail when Adam Kinzinger goes to jail.

  12. Myself that works for said alternative manufacturer.

  13. And I totally believe that because the Easton Stealth like for golfers between 25-40 all wanted a big barrel Stealth playing baseball growing up. So I can see the name recognition issues.

  14. Didn’t Manny have a similar situation? He left like a check for a mil in his glove box?

  15. It's a quote from "I think you should leave". I kinda figured it would bomb.

  16. I think you should leave. No Seriously I think you should just see yourself out after that reference.

  17. So what your saying is you could go undefeated with that offense right?

  18. As a couple of people have explained access is through promotion and relegation to/from lower leagues - a meritocracy.

  19. And they seem to be the exception not the rule. If they didn't have a billionaire software mogul drop nearly half a billion euros into the team they'd still be in the fifth tier.

  20. They did better than 2 other teams at least. We'll see about Sargeant

  21. Once again proof why is sub has become shit since the start of the war.

  22. I also live on course and am a member. I normally am first out and never deal with it. I teed off around noon and I won't do that again. Would it be out of line to report him to animal control for the no leashes and having too many dogs. Max in my city is 3. Also 3 of his aren't fixed.

  23. If they can survive a ride in an Osprey then they are good to fight any where.

  24. Unless there is a very good reason for it (eg. Out of necessity for food for survival purposes), then yes, hunting is bad. Animals should not be killed by other people for fun; I personally think it's disgusting and animals deserve to live just as much as you or me. I'm pretty biased on this subject however because I am a vegan and an animal lover, so I believe hunting is an extremely grey area at best tbh.

  25. If it wasn't for hunting your vegan way of life wouldn't be possible.

  26. That's just not true. Hunting is necessary because we don't want to deal with predators like the wolf and destroying eco systems left and right.

  27. Crop destruction from animals life is a real thing and a serious matter.

  28. The last two times Russians actually stood up as a nation to tyrants it required millions of dead, and both times they ultimately made shit even worse.

  29. Apparently they may pay Red Bull to stick their name on the RB Powertrains engines

  30. You can bring up all the lane violations. Bulls fans just straight up wanted it called on anyone so the game tying basket wouldn’t have counted. That’s where the salt is coming from. Also, I’ve watched the clip like 20 times and Mitchell’s lane violation is so innocuous. I don’t understand how or why the shooter can’t leave at that moment.

  31. It’s not having its first flight until much later this year. The old one - that also happens to be the only stealth bomber in the world at this time - is available for birthday parties, bar mitzvah’s, and company bbq’s.

  32. So I’m in agreement with everyone else here that if he took the necessary steps to improve as a person and his wife supports him then this shouldn’t be an issue held against him.

  33. Let ask you this: I was sexual harassed by a girl I went to high school with at 18. Do I have the right to go and tell her employer what she did to me?

  34. Who cares? Just like I don’t want Jesus shoved in my face, I’m sure non atheists don’t feel the need to know you’re not going to pray.

  35. And you just hit the nail on the head. Atheist love to moan about religious types but then go out of their way to remind you why they are even more insufferable.

  36. Tell me you've never hunted with a shotgun without telling me you never hunted with a shotgun.

  37. A shotgun for hunting isn't practical because will cause animals to explode at close range.

  38. Actually that is what a lot of them wanted. I saw numerous people in the game thread outraged that ESPN didn't switch to a blank slate that says "this program has ended" for 3 hours. They're so fucking clueless, man.

  39. What people don't realize is you cut to commercial when something like this happens so you don't put people on air without leading to runaway speculation. It gives the networks time to get as many facts as possible. You also don't want to potentially show a man die live on TV.

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