1. I play on the NA server and it takes like 4 mins to find a joust match.

  2. Abaddon Cybele Baal Seth Alice Eligor Decarabia Melchizedek Hastur

  3. An early concept of one of the Mages Guild's wizards. He's normally assigned as the one who offers teleportation service.

  4. It’s also the wizard that used to tower over the Elder Scrolls Forum WAYBACK in 96 or something. Haven’t seen that face in years now, I’ll dig a bit see if I can find you a link

  5. So you’d ha e to kill everyone within three days time damn

  6. I'm not sure if that's possible. Not sure how time is calculated in Oblivion, but bear in mind that some NPCs only spawn during certain quests. Like the hunters in Fort Grief, the Grey Prince's father, Azani Blackheart, Celedaen, Mannimarco and others. That, plus the Shivering Isles and KotN NPCs.

  7. didn't Jyggalag have a library with all knowledge or realities or something in it?

  8. Okay serious question, what's the point of those nails and lipstick stuff ppl online have been posting the past years? I never understood it

  9. Never heard of that. But there are some items that are banned in Assault, if you use the autobuilder with a custom build chances are this is why one of the items is blocked.

  10. Primeval pg3d was gold. You know, in the ages of the small-eyed zombies, purple dragon, creeper dudes, pyramid head and such.

  11. That's why the great Jyggalag was and will always be the strongest Daedric Prince ever

  12. Most Undead are either mindless or willfully Evil. But some Vampires still have a moral compass, they're just bound to a Evil-Aligned master. Some Undead are bound slaves of a Necromancer, some are cursed with it. It's never just black and white. Also, while Serana teeters on Neutral, she can turn to either Good or Evil based on player choice.

  13. bruh the only vampires I remember now who aren't evil are Serana, the Ravenwatch folks from Online and Count Hassildor (and his wife). Some may say Vicente Valtieri/Babette but let's not forget they're part of the Dark Brotherhood. As for evil ones, we have the Volkihar clan, Movarth Piquine, Vyrthur, the Aundae/Quarra/Berne from Vvardenfell, Seridur, the Iliac Bay clans, the guy in Bloodlet Throne, Rada al-Saran, the antagonist in Rivenspire and much more...

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