1. Haha thank you but it is currently 1 am and I'm not sure what to do as it is still freezing and I really don't want to turn his lights on all night as that would keep him, me, and my brother who is sleeping in the room awake. He is sleeping rn but I obviously cannot go to bed with him on me so I am trying to figure out a solution

  2. There are great lights that don't actually have light to them, or are made specifically for the night to let you and your beardie sleep

  3. Is there anything near her moving? That could wake her up.

  4. If it's not too much trouble, do you have the links to the cc you used for this? It looks so good!

  5. Most of it is from TSR. I can’t remember all the artists right now though

  6. If I had the choice I'd play as mugman because, being honest, no one likes cuphead. Then again, Cuphead's personality does fit my play style of "be a dumbass until it dies".

  7. Fma 2003 is horrendously inaccurate to the original manga. The only way I can think of that it is accurate to the Manga is the train fight in the very beginning. That's it. Some of us are just really, really strict about accuracy to the source material.

  8. Dayshift at Freddy's. It doesn't take a lot of skill to beat (which is ideal for someone like me, with no skill), and the balance between comedy and serious plot is amazing.

  9. INFO: Does your wife know she's in a horrible multi-level marketing scheme? (and less importantly: do you or the people supporting her?)

  10. NTA. Gonna be honest, stealing your things and not letting you leave sounds kinda like abuse. Any partner should respect your quirks and not do whatever the fuck he thought he was doing. (also, as someone with ocd, that does sound slightly ocd-ish, but I'm not a doctor)

  11. Thankfully, I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

  12. It's the final stage that fucks me up, green pads and lasers I can do but the orange balls I hate and it's all I seem to get

  13. They should've kept Alana Bridgewater as the VA for King Dice. Edit: also, the voices for the characters in the show are just... Off. Like, I'm sure the voice actors did great with what they were told to do and many characters don't have voices in the game, but their show voices are just... Not what they sound like, if that makes any sense.

  14. Baroness von bon bon sounded completely different from the show to the game. They also changed her design a bit (the gloves and corset look different)

  15. I hate whenever the slightest thing is changed, but it's nice to know I'm not alone on this one.

  16. Chaser, you can just hold down shoot and focus on living.

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