1. No don't, that doesn't actually solve the problem. Change your diet op.

  2. Sometimes you simply can't force others to be interested or like something, it's not about finding the right kind of art. Think of something you don't like, then imagine someone trying to find a version of it that you do like, now add on to that the expectations that are involved in your relationship and you have a perfect storm.

  3. What are your thoughts and beliefs in regards to the ultimate final state of the Universe, do you believe this is a finite Universe with limits that can ultimately be known, or is it infinite and contains things eternally beyond our ability to know, or do you prefer to subscribe to a third argument such as "numbers are purely imaginary" or "the Universe is too complex to be accurately labeled"?

  4. The human brain is basically a pattern recognition system, and sometimes it thinks it recognizes a pattern when really it's just a coincidence.

  5. Why do you bother censoring the word "fuck" in your post when it's uncensored in your username and your username appears with everything you post?

  6. It means its your problem to deal with, they are saying they don't care and won't help you.

  7. It's an orchestra, you're going to see an orchestra. Ignore the Final Fantasy part, that's just the type of music being played at the orchestra. Dress appropriately for the orchestra.

  8. The term "art" is nebulous and murky, because what defines art is subjective. If the only requirement for something to be art is that one person decides it's art, then it's art, which implies that everything is art.

  9. Well, I meant mentally, not physically. But in any case, harming myself doesnt really make me feel anything either, I don't really care about the pain i guess.

  10. What are the major factors that contributed to you being emotionally numbed the way you currently are?

  11. Well, I don't remember the first 8 years of my life, maybe something happened there and I'm just unable to remember. After that period, I remember how badly my parents treated me, but I don't think they're the reason, because I just know that it was always like this, I was always feeling empty everytime I wasn't talking to somebody IRL, which happened and still happen a lot. Maybe nothing happened and I'm just unable to be whole without someone else there, maybe I was just born like that. Who know ?

  12. The ultimate puzzle of reality, the mystery of the Universe, life and death, is a puzzle that can't be solved by rejecting the pieces of it we don't personally like, even if that piece is yourself.

  13. Therapy is really just a non-judgmental conversation where listening is prioritized, and the primary purpose of the therapist is to respect you, not to fully understand you. Even among INTPs you'll find that there is no consistency when it comes to thought patterns and rationale.

  14. I'm pretty sure the only exceptions when discussing violence are the cases where it's done for sport and the cases when it's done for self defence. If you start openly discussing plans to go kick someones ass, that's definitely against the rules.

  15. Is dumpster diving something that's within the reach of your harm reduction program? It's impossible to know how many people get their food from the trash, but we do know it's a thing that happens and we should also know that it's inherently an unsafe practice even if most of the food being thrown out is perfectly fine, because it's impossible to know what else is being thrown out with it.

  16. Radioactive environments don't have the same level of danger for microscopic organisms. Quite a few species will still be able to chow down with complete comfort.

  17. The term "Oriental" itself isn't offensive, but it's a very old term that's typically only used by old people who are racist. The word "Asia" and the word "Orient" have the same meaning.

  18. It's possible in theory, but ridiculous in practice. Humanities biggest strength is its diversity. When you reduce the population down to just a few people they will be able to increase the population but it won't have much biodiversity, so if anyone happens to catch a particularly nasty virus, for example, it could mean the end of the species.

  19. In the wild, there is no cremation. In the wild, cremation is, "Ow, I am on fire, it burns. The fire consumes me and I'm dead." Well, I'm not dead. You're dead.

  20. Is this a reference to something? For some reason I can totally picture Dwight from The Office saying it but I can't remember if he actually did.

  21. Because people equate JK Rowling with her intellectual property, even though they really shouldn't

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