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Dated:01/26/2023 Kenneth Griffin's Citadel Securities (MM) was found guilty of disrupting the market order with high-frequency trading in Korea & was fined 10 billion. This was reported by Yonhap News Agency, which is a major South Korean news agency. This is big, since its International! LFG🚀🚀🚀

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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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  1. Imagine when it does that, but keeps going forever and then Kenny shits himself.

  2. Translation: We gave some employee complaining about his office and missing red stapler the opportunity to advance in the company if he just signed off on one little thing with our PR team. 🤦‍♂️

  3. Soo ~9.7 million USD. Pennies to them. Cost of doing business.

  4. Damn fine work. Really hope this is your profession because this is too good for side hustle work. Bravo.

  5. Is it me, or does she look like a two year old who just dropped a strategically timed dump at the exact moment her parents have run out of diapers?

  6. Maybe this is a dig at how quickly Elizabeth Holmes with Theranos was anointed by the MSM as the next Steve Jobs - she went out of her way to Don his infamous turtle neck look and was an Apple emulator. All in spite of running a sham company with a faulty product.

  7. Love the lack of tinfoil needed here. Elizabeth Holmes was my first thought, and the clip of her and Coke Rat Cramer calling her the second coming of Jobs. This should be way higher up.

  8. Exactly. Accepting a role and refining it are two different steps in a recipe. I think JW could be another great development story like Kuminga

  9. Some 19 year old who coded a turtleneck generator app as a joke is living his best life right now.

  10. This is such a great reminder of the process of calibrating a championship level rotation. I have full faith in Kerr and every close game we lose is a close game we will win this spring.

  11. Let’s hope that this back and fourth with the G League sets him up for a solid role in the rotation. Would love to see this guy find his niche on this squad.

  12. Another thought occurred to me about Onu. If Wiseman spends any time in SC or if we sign Lamb and/or Jerome to the roster and upgrade Onu to TWC, then he and Wiseman could practice against each other.

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