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  1. Yeah, most dogs respond to heightened energy and high pitch voice as you’re just inducing anxiety.

  2. Bitch, shut the fuck up.

  3. Bitch, shut the fuck up.

  4. Cover the rest in oil to match

  5. Thumbs down, all of it terrible, suit and shoes. Scrap.

  6. Three duds imo none, keep saving for better shoes.

  7. Gymbos are fucking annoying

  8. Bitch , shut the fuck up

  9. Nike intended this look under its reimagined moniker. SMH some you b so foolish.

  10. Child rearing starts when they children not 40. Silly old bitch. Besides he keeps you vital and gives you content.

  11. Oh, even worse this lousy lump had 2 mothers that failed him. thanks for the update.

  12. Old Chinese motherfuckers be cracking me up when they talk shit in Engrish

  13. tough guys ain’t cut out for the comments section

  14. I feel that’s almost the standard for Ohmed anymore the past year is the most mid bud all of it not just Woodward

  15. Chris rock is a stale bore past due shits lame

  16. Probably why it’s on sale.

  17. You can look like everyone else now

  18. Your kid is a wuss quit feeding it fear

  19. Hollywood employees the worst graphic designers

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