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  1. This dude nose the first person that passes gas.

  2. Jay and Silent Bob are the OG members.

  3. Historically, whenever Pakistan or any other nation is near default levels, IMF/US/Saudis/World Bank or some other entity gives them a loan because if the country defaults, then that's a massive shame for IMF/World Bank. With Pakistan, this has repeated several times, almost like an infinite cycle. Bet that happens again.

  4. Yes, this happened in S Korea early 2000s and rest of Asia. They got bailed out by IMF and Korea recovered quick.

  5. Bill Burr “ a mouth is a mouth”

  6. FUWS says:

    I do not own apple as I am looking for even bigger discount but I recently bought Google. With that said I think Apple will go down this year, but in the next 5? They will announce something whether thats a car, social media platform or something that would be the hype to keep them at the top.

  7. FUWS says:

    Cringe and I hope every single person that comments on their social media states the same.

  8. FUWS says:

    Glad none of this matters to me because I will never get on twitter or fb. People who have problems with this kind of things should just leave social media. We were fine with out it before and will be going forward with out Twitter or FB.

  9. I've said that to people before. They will immediately start making 20 different excuses for why they need social media.

  10. FUWS says:

    This is truly a generational thing. I ( gen X) know many people who share the same sentiment about social media. After Gen X, almost everyone is pro social media….

  11. FUWS says:

    I wish I was your friend so I can tell you to wake up, grow a pair and move on. She is not the only women and if a girl rejects you initially, then you generally want to move on as she will most likely looking for an advantage from you. Move on and next time you see her, pay zero attention to her.

  12. FUWS says:

    Knowledge is power, but its what you do with it. I don’t understand how it could be distraction. I’d love to add another screen just so I can see macro side of charts I’m looking at instead of clicking and zooming out. Just think of it as extra screen and use it to your advantage. Whether thats a screener or just some stock you are interested in.

  13. My biggest fear would be one crawling in my ears.

  14. I dont understand why you would spend 12 k on any stocks mentioned in this sub. It should be in the range of 1200$ instead. That 12 k could have gone to any mid- large cap stocks and you’d most likely be up as of last two weeks.

  15. I almost did 13k to hlbz when it was .12....stepped back and played 300$ around .25. Had I not stepped back I would-be up significantly

  16. Its always after the fact that we contemplate these moves. I have many examples like yours but it just creates bad head space and you get into the “ could / should have “.

  17. Man, I heard Jonny Kim on Jackos pod and that was great. Highly recommend.

  18. Man, you look inflamed B.

  19. Birds call this food porn.

  20. "Hi officer, the name is Jim Lahey and this here is Randy. Ah , we are doing our recital for...Broke Back Mountain..."

  21. Ancient Astronaut theorists say, yes.

  22. Chris Tuckers “ Oh My Gawd” scene/comments made me laugh so much when I first saw it.

  23. I agree that the tidal wave of articles and even WSB allowed a post just to announce the news. Just too much so fast at once…things like that happens when things are planned ahead.

  24. Your broker app should have something that shows closed positions. Look at it and plan accordingly.

  25. Best comment by VM lol

  26. I dont know dick about dick but I bet people who are not circumcised have less boner problems than those who are circumcised.

  27. I got tired of this and simply mapped the letter L as the loop on/off by pushing the L key. I then saved it as my default template so every new project has that key mapped. Thats my work around.

  28. Interesting... But doesn't the clip have to already exist for you to map its loop button to a key? Or is it automatically mapped whenever you generate a clip?

  29. I work in Arrangement view and it works for me on new clips( you just have to push the L letter after creating it if you dont want it on) not sure if thats the same in clip view but I’d imagine it would work.

  30. Thats a splitting head ache

  31. Aight man, you put in the work. Go ahead and add 2150 more.

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