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  1. I think so... But mine was like 11 - 8.. I almost won and then boom. Everyone crashed one by one

  2. That also happened to me my, teamates and the other team. Thats why I hopped on Reddit. There was something that said Riot Vanguard Crashed.

  3. The place is gorgeous, but not the creatures within.

  4. Thats why its the meta (Most Effective Tactics Available) Riot will most likely nerf them sooner or later, but you should try to utilize the meta as much. But I agree, it can be annoying and hard to counter, but its not impossible. Im sure Riot will nerf them.

  5. Ok but viper has a line that says: One more time omen...How many times have you heard that. Does anyone of you know what it means? My theory is Sage keeps on trying to save Omen but isnt strong enough. What do you think?

  6. Probably means him neededing to teleport. As I said, when he teleports he grunts which means it probably hurts him. So Viper is either annoyed or angry that people kept telling him that when he's already suffering enough, or she's like saying "how many times have you heard that? A lot right? So you can do it again and you will be fine" Feel bad for Omen 😔😔

  7. Especially when your shooting behind their back its hard to hit headshots. Probably because they're slightly slouching so you hit body shots?

  8. I feel like a lot of verticality but unlike icebox, you are more likely to get killed because you're just out in the open. The map is very open and forces you to mostly take long range fights. Overall above average. Not my favorite map, but I like it.

  9. I dont think they will be adding more sprays, banners, titles, etc. for each agent. So a great idea is to make those tiers radianite points. Any amount is great it could be one, but it wouldnt matter because its free.

  10. Based on the quality, price, time the Reaver Vandal is better. The quality is great as it has effects, animations and variants to choose from (depends on your preference which has better quality). The price you can get it for 42% off which is one of the best deals from the night market based on price. The time it takes to wait for the Prime Vandal could be as long as the whole cycle of skins. Its worth but its still up to your preference.

  11. Bind because my favorite agents really suit the map and because of how you really need gamesense to play the map properly

  12. Phoenix players are just chill dudes trying to carry their team without being a toxic reyna/jett player. But tbh not all reyna/jett players are toxic. Its just that both agents are really aim dependent so if they are good with the agent they will get cocky because they are top fragging but its actually their fault for not using non-aim techniques crucial for being good at the game.

  13. Haha this was actually taught by a random when I just wanted to try viper. I find it useful because of the decay so you just need to force them to take fights which u have the advantage.

  14. Yeah its so hard to decide on your sens because my current sens is great for small mouse adjustments but hard to flick with. I just chose my current one because I think small mouse adjustments is more important as long as you position your self correctly and have good crosshair placement

  15. Wow I knew the sea emperor was big but I didnt know it can literally it the sea dragon

  16. I agree, I was lurking as cypher then my team had a hard time pushing, so I told them to rotate but they told me to go with the team but that was literally the first time I ever lurked that game. Then, the guy clutched and now he was saying how bad I am. Now the wrong thing I did here was I got pissed and fought back and said things like your just a reyna auto lock or you have aim but no brain. The thing is I was bot frag because my playstyle is passive. He was top frag so he was being cocky so I decided to just mute him.

  17. I can relate to this but the problem is I'm silver. How's that a problem? It's different because in silver it's not that hard to get there. Last time I was in a game with a kid and he's way younger than me, nothing higher than 9. He wasn't actually that bad, he was just like a typical silver. But thing is it's hard to gain people's trust that you will play good, especially if your a kid.

  18. I'm hardstuck silver and at times I feel boosted and at times I feel like a smurf. That's what I think being hardstuck is, losing and winning not just losing.

  19. Ngl I agree with the creepvine forest idk how or why but it scares me more than the grand reef (as long as I keep my distance from ghost boi).

  20. This happened to me also like there were only 2 of us left and we just trolled and played with and the enemy. Knife, hide and seek, marshall only, etc.

  21. Deep sparse reef you'll find ton of rubies barely any harm except for bleeders, tiger plants and oxygen.

  22. I don't know what direction it is with the compass but...I think it's in the direction where you go to the floating islands. You know you're in the right place when the water turns murky green

  23. Well...it depends. If you want the best experience Id say wait for the release because right now (early access) the ending is not yet released and there are still some bugs. But, if u really dont care and just want to play then it might be a good idea for you to buy it

  24. Wait I thought this last update finished adding everything and it's basically 100% done?

  25. I think the story is complete but it will be available to play publicly on the release.

  26. Story isn’t fully done, there is still more to explore when fully released if I’m correct.. don’t wanna say too much because spoiler obviously

  27. I meant that the story is locked and we can play the story on release because before they were changing it up

  28. Ive actually prepared before playing like I watched so much videos but I keep flashing myself as phoenix because I thought it could only go one direction

  29. I'd say it's good for comp and other game modes but I think HRTF will make dm the worst (If you're using it to improve). Edit: I meant in a way campers with odins would be able to ambush u a lot more when there are people trying to improve

  30. Yep, I just put on a podcast or some music and grind no ig sound. Get bad kd, but solid practice.

  31. True, its not about winning the game but its about improving

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