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  1. Yeah me to buddy. But I can agree with the critics, this game is trash and doesn't fully utilize its potential.

  2. It's not exactly a solution to your problem but Blender Guru has a simple solution for seams in this tutorial at 9 minutes 22 seconds...

  3. Well you defiantly showed me that this video is not as shitty as a thought. But I don't think this is worth much. But I will give it a deeper look.

  4. People always look at me weird when I tell them to upgrade their resistances. Because they are cheap and always want to change suits. Seriously you get so many biopoints!.

  5. Is it weird that I love the brick cities. I wanna live in those they look nice.

  6. I actually think that having a stable polygam relationship would work much easier when you are aromantic. Since envy won't come as easy and feeling left out is also something that would be less of an issue.

  7. Your display is wrong. It shouldn't sticking out.

  8. I saw the third season right now and honestly!. It kinda is an endid, they just lost the game!. Like seriously, just imagine someone writing a story where everyone just looses in the end. Trough it should have had more meat on its bone than this!. But I mean it is a radical ending if think about it.

  9. Did you already re-download the files? Cann you copy the exact error message (rewritten is also okay) when you try to start it via stream.

  10. Yes. Also there is no error message at all, when clicking on game logo it does nothing

  11. Like I said did you delete everything and tried re-download ing?

  12. Trough dunno when I will be playing it again.

  13. This is the only huge rock/mountain/stedy ground under the map anyway. If you look arround when ur there you can see that there is nothing arround you as far as the eye can see just one big rock in a empty space under the map! Come back if you can find a glitch that has to do with the tree of life 👍

  14. I give you that your place is the crown of the underworld.

  15. Not really no. We waited all this time for... not much. It already ran great on new consoles. Implementation of ray tracing and/or more and improved particle effects would have been cool.

  16. No path tracing? Well than it is not worth revisiting it with me nee rtx 3080 ti.

  17. First off, the size you choose should be based off of your length. If you're less than 6", definitely go for a small. A medium fits a 6 3/4" perfectly; however, I can't comment on the small. Your girth shouldn't matter too much unless you're packing a coke can.

  18. Hey if you go on other sites where they put in inches? Should I go fitting, smaller or bigger than my size?

  19. And there I was to say "nice texture, I love some good recycling carton"

  20. Actually automatic rifles are the next for in the late game. Making massiv damage.

  21. I wanted to say I tried sticking to shotguns but no avail so super weak. Built myself some automatic weapon for fun and found it it was just shredding everything.

  22. I'm trying to figure out who owns the property it popped up at. It just showed up in the last week or so

  23. Maybe someone is going to rebuilt it already. When you find out let them know we would totally love to see wips of that.

  24. That isn't even an Easy feat to solder on such an old phone. I am impressed.

  25. I loved the brick towns. Especially the flats with the giant windows.. Can always go into those.

  26. did you replace game files to replace the music or did you just mute the game and put your music on through a different app?

  27. I think China just wants to see the Saudi economy to be exhausted on a dumb project so it can sustain its place.

  28. Just Googled a little and Appearently China is building a jungle city. Nothing to new but so slick. All this green. And since they have many problems with pollution, climate change and the deserts growing they know first hand the problems.

  29. is this just an animation loop ? were you positioned and colored the pieces new frame by frame or how did you do it :)? sry relatively new to blender :)

  30. I Am A Veteran And Still Wanna Know How exactly he did it. hoped he would have answered your question already xd.

  31. When it's beyond comprehension just assume it's geometry notes

  32. Well that doesn't change anything. it still couldn be shown how it was done.

  33. Does the disabled button do anything else compared to the regular button? if not it shouldn't have a different housing anyway. I mean kids can't push the upper button either.

  34. Well 3D artist. There are no better or worse fields. Depending on the country's you can be a specialist or not. Usually being a generalist lends you more jobs. You should fairly easily be able to model for games or commercials. Movies can be a bit more tricky to get in and I would assume you probably get most jobs in the US.

  35. Get the people together first of course.

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