1. Get a colorful print shower curtain you like. Then use that to choose towels, bath mat, paint, and art. The shower curtain can cover up the red if it stays closed.

  2. ...and then paint one smaller wall one of the colors from the shower curtain

  3. 💯 Agree with leaving the tiles, just a power wash and they'll look great. I love paving tiles. Classy.

  4. What about if noise is not serious - when you're listening to music, does it still bother?

  5. I wear my earbuds and don’t hear any noise (my seat post squeaked a bit at one point until I loosened it)

  6. Okay good. I'm heading to check out this used one this morning! I'm so excited!

  7. I'm probably just going to chat with my husband about getting new different fixtures. I've never liked exposed bulbs. I do like the Edison bulbs but in my little bit of research, they do die out quickly and cost a bit to run. And these are areas of the house where we've got the lights on, on grey days, all day and all evening long - thanks all for your help!

  8. I think a drunk dad with a cigarette and a bottle of Schlitz would help tie it all together even more.

  9. Right at the top he says it. Sounds like weird Beth fuul ahred (listened to the books) : fate is inexorable.

  10. Yeah… I didn’t want to be one of the haters because I’ve had good luck, until now. But adding commercials to the videos, playing games with refunds, letting scammers sell tons of knock off junk on there… definitely starting to find other sources for shopping now. It’s a real shame what the new crew is doing to it.

  11. 100% us. We had great experiences for a long time - years. But within the last 6 months I've received two used things, and then another item that after four uses, that's supposed to have thousands, it stopped working at all. They wanted to charge me a $40 restocking and I was like wow I've been shopping with you forever. What is going on? Then he said okay we'll split the restocking fee with you. I said I'm going to buy it again. Why would I want to pay extra to buy the same item again when a return would have never been an issue if it had just worked like it was supposed to? It's just ridiculous. I'm wondering if this was also used. Not good. FYI, It is a $300 item!

  12. Have you tried shifting your weight back and raising the handle bars a wee bit?

  13. Been riding and teaching group classes for many years and although you do get accustomed to it, I still don't love it. I shift my rear back on the standard seat at the gym but for home, getting a bigger seat for my old lady bum 😅

  14. I'm getting ready to buy a used Bowflex and I'm wondering, can you all tell me, does that one have the RPM in numerical values? I use the RPM quite a bit!

  15. i just love their entire relationship…its nice to see the different kinds of love portrayed through the various relationships; platonic, romantic, familial…

  16. Agreed. Romance is the usual go to, and I get so tired of shows always relying on that! We are much more multifaceted than that. Great point!

  17. What a good comment. Yes, agreed. I often wonder if it's for a lack of skill in writing or maybe just laziness. Whatever the reason, it appears as though gratuitous sex and violence is the go-to tool to make up for the lack of plot and good storytelling.

  18. Oh my gosh, how right on you are. We watch, it seems, more UK programming (or other NW Europe) bc often, it seems they focus more on plot rather than beautiful people and shallow story lines. I don't need every person in the movie or show to look perfectly gorgeous or sex scenes to know what went on haha, but I do enjoy plots that are twisty, make my brain think a bit more and be surprised rather than guess the end before it's begun.

  19. To answer your specific question, as someone who became more and more lactose intolerant as I've aged, yes. The higher the fat content in mammal dairy, the lower the lactose.

  20. PS: yes, some of the fake creamers hurt my stomach too, I think it's the fake ingredients. So... yeah. Go real. Go less. Go high fat. Enjoy a smaller cuppa. You gotta experiment.

  21. I am here in 2024. I have no gapless playback in YouTube music! Any help? I mainly care for the classes I teach at a gym. It's really annoying. Thank you for your help. *Edit: they are separate songs, I want them to fade in and out not wait two or three seconds between each song to get started on the next choreography. It's not one album.

  22. FWIW, plant cream can be used to make sweetened condensed milk (add sugar and heat until reduced). If you make cold brew coffee, that shit is decadent with sweetened condensed and a generous amount of ice. Basically at home vietnamese coffee. SO GOOD.

  23. OOH THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. Too cold rn but definitely going to try that.

  24. I received wine from Wal-Mart that we didn't order... or did... meant to order red wine vinegar maybe... I don't know haha... now it's a gift for a friend's mom. All worked out! I did get two of something recently...and far as I recall, if you receive something in the mail via USPS (i think), that you did not order, you're legal to keep it. Tis yourn!

  25. *We don't drink so, we did not order it on purpose, I should say

  26. So Alibaba is legit, I keep reading about it and all these Amazon griping posts? I too am frustrated, no, I'm angry, they want me to return something and pay to ship it, and there's still no guarantee I'll get all my money back. So ticked. Whatever happened to standing behind the product and your customer?

  27. There was a time neither sold stuff online. Let me see how I can go back to that 🤷🏽‍♀️

  28. Yeah. I'm done too... trying to use WM more but some things are cheaper on 'Zon... idk

  29. So, what happened, is that the whole article? Not much info.

  30. I quit Costco about ten years ago and never felt I was missing anything afterwards - seven kids too - I spent less not going in there. But it's a fun place 😄

  31. Work out? What's that 😂... I have not yet, just wear them casually... I don't think I could get myself to run or workout in these, they're just too nice to use for working out 😂

  32. Some of my co-instructors and participants love using Adidas but the last two pair I got wore out quickly. Definitely can see they'd comfy for casual wear but I only wear sneakers for working out, the opposite haha.

  33. Yeah Ultraboost 1.0 ... There are many versions of ultraboost but 1.0 is the best as far as I know... I have a lady friend who is a crazy runner and she only wears these to run

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