1. Those Big Brother lovers always associated that mod with Garcello so... I guess you have a point

  2. Yup, why do you even need any of the other Accessoires? This is the only one you should be giving to all the characters

  3. That's only 30,000$ USD. Yusuke could spend in that in a weekend.

  4. It's called Japan not USA. Currency works different depending on the country

  5. It's actually about Yoshida. He's too busy with campaign, and you can't meet up with him during 7 palace. Also Kawakami has this deadline.

  6. The only ones I can say is that 3 social links/confidants cannot be completed after November 17 for story reasons.

  7. I'll give a run down: I believe is for the infiltration on the day of fates or something. Keep your faith is the 1st phase, then 2nd Throw away your mask, third phase I think is the 2nd phase. Then after is I believe again, I think swear to my bones plays in the fist fight.

  8. Welcome to being crazy everybody. That boss fight was hilarious the bless attacks never ever hit his weakness because of evade bless finally working

  9. Atlus gaslighting at its finest. I would've never survived that boss fight without Ann, Mona, and Ryuji.

  10. I wonder how he would actually react to seeing Satanael


  12. Akechi would be a far larger threat than Organization XIII so much so that if Sora managed to get back it would be with a severe case of PTSD.

  13. I just thought of Axels GET BACK thing while reading this. Also Sora would probably just be destroyed before Riku could do anything.

  14. To be honest I named mine different for each game. First was my nickname, then it was named after Axel from kingdom hearts, then in Royal, I did Akechi Akechi because I do not care.

  15. Unless your in royal, Okumura is horrible to sit through and the palace wasn't well designed. In royal no one cares about how your much better than b4. The boss fight was better imo even on hard.

  16. I'm only hirt by Haru's placement but outside of that very fair tier list. Though sometimes I forget why Akechi is a good written character

  17. I wish I'd just wite an essay on how P5R good ending is better but I think most know why.

  18. Finally someone I relate to I hate Makoto so much that I never bothered to try her social link... 😅 🤣

  19. Hoo boy, calling persona smt, not even smt spin-off is a crime in itself, but slandering Makoto? Damn, rest in peace

  20. First is that you needed to max Maruki out. Its also recommended to do the same with Kasumi (to rank 5) and Akechi (Rank 10) You can unlock a Palace by doing this where both are your party members. Not spoiling anything else.

  21. I genuinely do not like Makoto at all, and I'm probably not the only one

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