1. Mas o metro agora é grátis para menores de 23 anos pelo que está tudo bem.

  2. Então o que é que propões? Alugar só a português de sangue? E é preciso fazer análises? Desde que os arrendatários e os senhorios cumpram as disposições da lei (coisa que por exemplo os senhorios e arrendatários de mão de obra barata não fazem quando permitem 10 pessoas num T2), as casas são para quem as quiser e puder arrendar. Tudo o resto é andar a fazer justiça social (normalmente para amigos e conhecidos) com as casas dos outros.

  3. Basta que os nómadas digitais e quem está a viver em PT paguem impostos sobre rendimentos.

  4. Though, most pressure in housing in Lisbon is from immigrants and tourists, not digital nomads, golden visas, etc.

  5. Nao concordo. Os preços dos arrendamentos a longo prazo subiram muito por causa do que referes. E estas pessoas não pagam impostos.

  6. I have a big scar in my neck and at that time being a very exposed area, the advice of the doctor was for the 1st year no sun (the scar was very pink and after like 10 months started to become white) and after the 1st year I could start to get sun to even the color.

  7. This happened to me twice. One was a stoner that lost track of time, 2nd fell asleep and when he saw the phone he rushed and arrived at the meeting place like 1 hour late visible looking like he just woke up from a nap.

  8. Not moustache. It’s melasma, spots that are often triggered by hormones when women are pregnant for instance.

  9. Hey! Who is the lady in the 1st slide, 1st picture 2nd row in a silver dress? My body looks similar and would like to look her up!

  10. The last 2 guys that I really liked were DAs and couldn’t deal with the hot and cold (just the cold 😂) and broke up with them.

  11. Hey! You’re a good looking and have very good qualities! That being said, 1st pic you’re very posed and you’re dressed like a 50 yo professor (which could be funny as a last pic, if you have a very cohesive pics). I’ld use yellow sweater pic as 1st, you look so handsome. I don’t like so much info in your pics so I’ld remove those drawings from the mirror one, since you have the meme already. Pete peeve maybe but I don’t love you saying that you get along if she has good taste in music. It seems you’re superior, what is good taste and who defines it? You can say nicer as if you like music and… bla bla Good luck!

  12. I can proudly say I'm 43? What does that even mean

  13. Everything is proudly for some ppl now. Proudly straight. Proudly “insert nationality “. Things they haven’t even worked for.

  14. Who cares how HE will feel if you meet. Swift the mindset and situation: how will I feel?

  15. bora mas é investir no abacate!! market oportunity!

  16. bora mas é investir en desalinização e depois no abacate! já vejo um imperio a erger-se!!

  17. She'll say that nothing is the problem because there isnt a problem really for them. Its just how things are when you move to a different country, you get attached to locals. I moved out of the country and when I started making friends there it was hard to keep in touch all the time with my home country friends.

  18. Yes. I moved countries twice and it takes a lot of effort to make friends in the place and feel at home a bit.

  19. Os expatriados só têm dinheiro para bens essenciais. Contratar um intérprete/tradutor fica muito caro, dizem. Talvez seja melhor mudarem de nome, para imigrantes /s

  20. Porquê esta expressão de expatriados? Eles auto denominam-se mas são imigrantes como os brasileiros ou paquistaneses. Não muda o nome só porque são brancos esquálidos.

  21. Se fosse investimento na industria e em algo que crie empregos era optimo. Mas imobiliário só nos fode a nós.

  22. Hey OP! Do you like it? I have really dry face and I’m thinking this could be a good daily option.

  23. It’s so hard to pick! The cheap bralettes, no underwire, feeling more confident in my clothes, being able to workout more easily, etc etc. but one of the biggest for me has been weekends away with family or girlfriends and not feeling I have to wear a bra THE ENTIRE TIME. I was the person who woke up on a group vacation and immediately put on a bra under my pajamas. No coffee or breakfast or socializing with my boobs swinging low. Now I just let them loose! Honestly, I probably could have done it before. No one would have cared. But I would have been sooooo embarrassed and self conscious. I can’t believe how nice it is to just….wake up and start my day. Not wrestling myself into a contraption that will leave angry red marks and dig into my shoulders and cause pain and irritation. So freeing.

  24. This!! On trips with other ppl sometimes I even slept with the bra on 😭

  25. people don’t notice as much as you’d think they would. even family around me didn’t notice

  26. Agree. I have a aunt that comments on my body every time she sees me and she noticed after 6 months only. Nobody else noticed (from dance classes, work).

  27. Ta tudo a guinchar que é horrivel, não sei como é que vocês acham que é em outros paises mas é mesmo assim

  28. Agree. Nos países que conheço é preciso fazer um exame para ser professor.

  29. Op I’m really sorry you are going through this. It seems very hard.

  30. Not straight but biased satin midi looks very good on me as a TR. for me there is a specific length to not make me look shorter. Love it!

  31. I invented a thing a friend doctor suggested and then people at work were asking for details: do you have a scar? Where? Do you have to go on a diet? What kind?

  32. I’m just watching this episode and was so uncomfortable that googled to see if anyone posted about about this

  33. Thank you! I’m missing a cool and current celebrity like her for TR. I like Selena, but…

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