1. Just googled it: "Penis envy" was coined in 1908, yet Freudian psychoanalysis didn't begin to wane until the 70's. Hopefully "gender affirming" procedures will go the same way soon. Especially procedures performed on children.

  2. There are no procedures being performed on children. There are mastectomies done at 16, which is the medical age of consent in certain states.

  3. Some states are starting to ban it, but puberty blockers are still being handed out to kids as young as 8.

  4. Uh, yeah. Puberty blockers at that age are good. Puberty blockers aren’t just for transgender kids you know. It’s also for cisgender kids who start puberty that young. By banning it, you’re fine with kids starting puberty at age 7 or less.

  5. If my kids ask to double their food and they come home with no leftover, Imma double their food.

  6. This. Kids need nutrition and some have higher metabolisms than others.

  7. damn, you destroyed my perfect image of canadians...

  8. I’m afraid this will happen, not because I post, but because I’m a horny fuck

  9. Allusions to sexual dimorphism are not acceptable on reddit

  10. Good to know one of my embarrassing moments is seen as fap material to men.

  11. It’s crazy, but just because you love someone and give them your all, doesn’t mean they have to be with you.

  12. Having a big dick doesn’t count if it’s half your personality either

  13. The fact you’re comparing a wife to a prostitute tells me a lot about how you view marriage and women. And it’s not good

  14. Oh my god some common sense. I knew I wasn’t the only one who found this gross.

  15. Seeing women as only sex objects and not people you love is concerning…

  16. Cool and phsycial Ed doesn't require you to be physical. Oh wait that isn't true- That's why it's in the name. It isn't sex education if it isn't about sex.

  17. “Learning about your reproductive organs and how to keep yourself healthy” class sure rolls off the tongue!

  18. Sex Ed doesn’t necessarily mean sexual things. It can I coude learning about your body, what it does, and how to care for it.

  19. This is just the “war on Christmas” boomer meme switched around to Jewish people

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