1. Any LeekELeek songs? 🙏

  2. "And I'm Fredo Santana btw" 😭 LLBB🕊 man

  3. They are dropping bang bang (hopefully with verses) so idc that was my Sosa grail

  4. lil pump self titled album was fire tho

  5. Bruh why is everyone so obsessed with this one niggas opinion so bad

  6. I don’t care really I just found it funny that he gave lil pump a better rating

  7. It’s probably gon be like broken hearts 2

  8. Thanks this is helpful but if it is possible is there a way to turn it into a mega comp or somone does it

  9. The 2 main ones I would recommend for somone new are his biggest feel live and bleh

  10. Wish he remade some of those old lean era songs that he lost

  11. A good mix he should have added is the crowd saying it that would be so hard

  12. Even tho freestyle 3 was a let down I still think it’s the best freestyle tbh

  13. Snippet syndrome and hype I didn’t listen to the snippet I thought it was Ight

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