1. The show DEFLATED when he died. I can't place it but I don't care about the ending since he left. Very weird he would say those comments I saw them too. No upside just grumpy old man vibes

  2. this broke muppet was never playing why everyone confused? What "term" could he possibly have. Why not say the "term" if you want support....oh....right bc there is none

  3. just hit ONLYFANS girl don't play "wikked smaht in hahhvahd yaahhhd" on us just STRIP it's all you are good for Trashy Mcnasty

  4. I wonder: maybe try being alone and see what's important to you. You will never get sober for him no matter how many group signups you use as a prop. I hope its genuine but I constantly used AA and outpatient as my crutch/smokescreen to others fed up with my drinking. I had to lose relationships to find out I wanted some of them and not others. Try not to drink but do it FOR YOU

  5. although a tragedy I don't blame kendall for dead waiter and don't feel it should play into the finale.....just another fan here but that narrative about two guys partying and something bad happens never worked

  6. I cannot do the steps. I am TERRIFIED to have to make amends to people. I know I will get upset when some will not forgive me and I don't want to drudge up those bad emotions.

  7. I hear you, amends was the step I wasn’t looking forward to. I was pleasantly surprised to find almost everyone was forgiving. The amends process is more about trying to free them than it is you. Being forgiven is a byproduct, but also not a guarantee. Think of how much it would mean to you if someone who hurt you really bad came and made an amends to you. Plus wouldn’t you want to make amends to the people you care about?

  8. I do want to make amends to those I care about but not to those I don't and the program expects you to be painstakingly thorough

  9. No, but when they see their charge on the statement and it doesn't look right, they can and will dispute the charges, call the business, and can also press charges. Sure you may just lose a shit job, but you may end up with a record and financial crimes will fuck you out of any decent job where handling money is the norm, which is a huge section of work. Don't be an idiot over some asshole who doesn't tip.

  10. You must be like 22 or some ish. This is not the real world you are describing. Your parents did a great job of putting fear in you. No way to live ps F off

  11. hahaha do you think police are scanning reddit hoping to catch someone doing this for $5? Where did you grow up Fantasyland?

  12. Lol are you old enough to consume kratom ?

  13. Yeah me too, lol, this is horrible, they are really gonna hurt each other. But interesting though, I'm not uninterested in their rivalry. Even though I think Gerri is gonna win, she's smarter, colder and she's gonna fucking crush Roman, so it's like a car crash, it's horrible but you can't look away, so I get why people don't want to let go.

  14. I I don't understand what leverage all the old guard has in his death scenario. It's not like he's going to leave the company to Jerry Frank and Carl

  15. Well they have to start making moves because Logan is dead, they need a new CEO and some of them might be in that kill list Greg talked about in the first trailer, episode 5 is actually called Kill List and mentions the old guard being suspicious about a meeting.

  16. The old guard clearly have the same viewpoint that Logan did—the kids are not serious people. Now though, it’ll be a battle royale instead of a clean coronation that everyone else would simply be forced to swallow. Sad there’ll be no more Gerri and Roman tension (or will there???) Most explicitly fucked: Kerry, because now she’s a leech on a dead host, and Colin, simply because body guards don’t guard dead bodies.

  17. I know every redditor guessing but i bet given how the audience Was made to feel for colin in diner scene-- I bet he ends up working for the kids somehow

  18. Dude this stuff is overrated. Its not a high by any stretch of imagination. Its suboxone LIGHT its nothing

  19. Sent death threat to old friend new enemy. Got arrested for stalking and did two yrs probation and 150hrs comm service. LA laws super strict a text same as breaking in someones house as a celeb stalker. Hadnt been in the guys presence in over 7 yrs but text was enough. Lawyer bill and asshole probation officer. Be careful drinking

  20. we lie bc we are misunderstood lol.....we lie bc we are shameful and embarassed that this disease owns us. I lie a lot to babymama not to hurt her or my son but I want her to think everything will be ok. It may very well be but I lie all the time about days of sobriety. No harm no foul if I am sober around my son

  21. I opened three poke bowl concepts in 2016 there after owning two spots in the hard rock 2008-2011. I underestimated the trashy suburbs of vegas. Bunch of degens living in mcmansions for short money. Everyone keeping up appearances with no long money. Vegas sucks. I cannot imagine many people huffing hot pizzas when its 115 either.

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