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  1. All their hangers. My mom used to take hangers from my room and it always drove me crazy.

  2. have your parents lazily passed on their parental duties to you (and your siblings)?

  3. Oldies n para sa socmed. Ng umpisa sa 16 siguro. Above 18 nanaman ngaun. Ayun lng uma alis n ng walang paalam kahit kanino. My na nahuling nudes nya sa cp nakita ng ate. Sana maging open lng. Aalis hindi mo alam gagabihin uuwi. Babae pa man din. Ayun lng ung ibang kasi sobra strict.

  4. You guys are invading her privacy repeatedly.

  5. https://www.reddit.com/user/viral_on_soc_med/comments/102wq3o/jabol_tv_apat_na_babaeng_nag_hubad/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  6. The wives who want the money hahhaa

  7. Being choked-found out I prefer easy breathing

  8. who the fuck consents to be eaten? how the hell would that even go down tho?

  9. I’m not sure what this means, but 1985.I was reading at a point in my life where I was heavily considering taking my own life but. But the character, or writer, wrote something like: he would rather face the certainty of torture than the uncertainty of death.and well, I’m still here.

  10. No not really you would get a lot of them with regular drop (since yesterday I dropped four legendary and two mythics for the legendary it's usual but it's been few months since i got a mythics without using shards)if you are new to the game the two legendary sets I recommand are the Sly Wolf and Noble Fencer useful no matter your build, after them focus on the mythics I regret starting to save for them late in the game they have the best utility, when you can craft the treasure hunter sets do it you won't have to craft legendary item because you will have around one or two per days (if you are lucky and do your 20 daily items) and when you craft item or complete sets do it while in a tournament no before if I remember it affects the max stage of players against you or something, those who know more than me about the game will correct me^

  11. I think those women that wears heavy and expensive makeup brand, wear designer clothes, and always have the latest gadget.

  12. You accuse your wife a manipulative person, you still miss your ex. You have issues buddy. I guess is you guys aren't filthy rich and hence your wife suggestion had merit.

  13. If you knew her personally . You will say she manipulative and anger management issue. Yup getting acts together. Working on my self.

  14. The problem is they don't spend much time with me

  15. I fully disagree with the rest of these comments. If someone broke up with me like you did, I would be very happy to hear an apology.

  16. Be firm. Kung ikaw naman ang provider, ikaw na mag bayad ng bills then bigyan mo lang siya ng allowance. Tapos wag mong kunsintihin mga pango-ngontrol niya. Siya rin mapapagod dyan. Yun nga lang in the end, baka ikaw pa mag mukhang masama. Minsan kapag may nagwawala dito sa bahay hindi ko na lang pinapansin.

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