Grandpa’s reaction to grandsons 3D printer

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  1. It's not very vivid, but I do associate a lot of random information/ideas with flashes of what I was doing or where I was when I thought/learned it

  2. For me, I set an alarm to wake up earlier. Fixed my brain a little, made me less tired all day. A glass of water every morning (I get a dry throat at night, the only benefit is a good reminder) and some food early on are good for giving me the energy to actually get stuff done. Some music and a change in environment (even just laying on the floor instead of the bed) makes it easier to focus on different things and get sucked in. If I don't know what to do, a paper and a pencil are good for doing random stuff until I get bored and think of something better to do. Idk if any of this would work for you but it might, so here ya go

  3. I'm in the same boat, actually. Made some friends, moved away a few years later, none of them ever texted back. Got tired, like the bone-deep kind of tired that gets you done with everything. Still sucks. I definitely don't deal with it in the healthiest ways, so I'm being a hypocrite here, but online friends are a lifesaver, throwing yourself into something you like doing is a great way to get out pent up emotions and energy, and drinking a lot of water means less headaches. Idk if that helps at all, sorry

  4. Absolutely. I've never seen anyone use "folx" before, but I think if I ever did I would quit. Quit what? I don't know, but I'm gonna quit it. Changing already gender-neutral words to be more gender-neutral by adding "x" in random places or mashing various gendered terms together in weird ways is not the way to show people that our existence is not new and it's not radicalizing the world. Sorry for the rant, I didn't realize I had such strong emotions about this

  5. me, a fanfic writer: stalks my fave character to conduct natural observation whispers I'm going to put you in so many situations

  6. Yes, absolutely. Some of the worst days of my life have turned into the best just because it ended in a hug.

  7. Yup. You might want to look into hyperfixation and special interests, they could be helpful :)

  8. In my experience, when people say she/they it means she/her and they/them are okay, but she/her is preferred, and when they do they/she it means they/them is preferred. But some people prefer a mix of the two, so your best bet is just to ask if you're worried about getting it wrong. Hope that helps?

  9. Yes, absolutely. It's so annoying when I get interrupted too, because then I have to bury myself all over again

  10. I do it too, when I'm talking to someone I tend to mimic their patterns of speech/tone/etc. I think it functions the same as mimicking body language, it shows that you're engaged in the conversation and that you're on the same page, but I could be wrong

  11. It's a bit hard to categorize, but for me it's people who can't be reasoned with

  12. Always! It's like trying to guess the right answer while watching a game show, except applied to interviews

  13. I've down 95% of the work at home and with the kids, he hasn't had a job in 3 years, and has almost got me fired for taking time off to care for the children.. Im at my wits end.. The worst part is he won't leave and wants to take one of our children with him.

  14. Alright, in this case I think the best thing you can do for yourself is find a support system. People you can rely on, so you don't have to carry all this responsibility alone.

  15. You are not responsible for bothering anyone with your existence. You aren't hurting anyone by being queer, no matter what anyone tells you. Frankly, your life really doesn't concern them, and they need to learn that you belong to yourself, and that even if you were a "sinner" for whatever reason it's your choice to make, anyways. Good luck

  16. Yes. Absolutely yes. I hate the summer with a passion. No sleep. No fun. Eating sucks. As someone who can't take a five minute walk in the summer without risking heatstroke, yes.

  17. I'm a picky eater on a good day, but in the summer the temperature of everything I eat (cold, hot, doesn't matter) only reminds me of how miserably hot I am

  18. I agree. I think a lot of people agree that the point in talking about history is to learn from our mistakes. A true utopia can't really be built on ignorance, it needs to be built on experience, or the first person to say anything remotely divisive will send it all toppling down

  19. The good news is that if you haven't been eating in your bed, then chances are the roaches aren't going to be interested in it. From what I know, beds are usually too clean and flat for their tastes, not to mention that it always gets shifted around, especially if you toss and turn at night, too. If you still don't feel safe in your bed, putting bowls under your bedposts and keeping your blanket/sheet from touching the floor or the wall will keep them from climbing up, and if you're worried they'll climb up the bowls you can dust baby powder on the inside and they (or any other bug) will have an even harder time climbing.

  20. Thanks so much for this. It really helped. Luckily I don’t eat in the bedroom and cleaned it up with no signs of roaches. I’m still absolutely terrified but maybe I can get things worked out tomorrow. I do have some wet towels in my bathroom on the floor although I haven’t seen roaches in there, just the one roach in the living room, and I have a bunch of cardboard boxes in my garage…. Do you think there is any chance this could have just been a random roach that snuck in my house? I haven’t seen any signs of roaches besides this random roach that ran across my living room. And one roach in my garage months ago. No poop no other sitings, no nothing. There are the same exact type of roaches that are outside all the time on my street. So I’m hoping for the best but still fearing the worst. 😔

  21. It really could have been just one, if you haven't seen any others yet then it's pretty likely. Even if you have a couple hiding out somewhere it's extremely unlikely you'll get many more than that without anything to eat :)

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