1. But what about his Custom Robo. His Cubix: Robots for Everyone

  2. me after my ADHD pills kill my appetite so I don't eat whilst staring at my blank word document : "I'm a renaissance artist!"

  3. I take appetite-annihilating antidepressants on top of the ADHD pills as I lay in bed doing nothing, so I'm even more renaissancey CHECKMATE DONATELLO

  4. Solitude is my favorite city. So I usually stumble into the Imperials.

  5. It's also the COUGH ONLY CITY COUGH ACK ECK COUGH whew my allergies

  6. Whatever mod you got for the faces somehow made them look worse

  7. Damn really. I had never used mods before so I just tried grabbing whatever was Top Downloaded

  8. Yep that's the exact one I'm using! Idk the faces seem fine to me but maybe I have lower standards

  9. That question is boring AF tho, I'm a guy and I hate both asking and receiving it.

  10. No no it's "Victory FOR Sovngarde", because he wants to secretly relocate his Hold to Sovngarde itself and make that his new base once all stormcloaks turn into ghosts. Windhelm is just a front. You gotta start thinking bigger if you want their side to win

  11. Its a wabajack modlist called Dungeons&Deadra. Im not at home but its easy to find


  13. Ah it's the Blades again pretending they can read Alduin's Wall

  14. No Dragonborn trust me the prophecy says that you need to secure us some bosmer femboys, it's the only way to defeat alduin

  15. Well, I'm not sure how that'll help defeat Alduin, but I gotta trust the Bladez I guess.

  16. Warriors could also always try the simpler approach many Nords take of sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to magic, lol.....who knows maybe the willful ignorance helps in a psychological way when rushing mages down without fear.

  17. I don’t understand that. Especially with a highly magical threat like the Thalmor around the corner.

  18. Yeah tbh I don't get it either. I was grasping at straws to try to explain what the Nords are thinking. They seem very confident in trying to ignore that magic exists.

  19. I think art needs to be allowed to be appreciated independently of the creator, because our reactions to it are still real and valid. Coincidentally my favorite modern composer is the creator of Dragon Quest's music, despite the terrible stuff he's said.

  20. And you are indeed allowed to do so, nobody forces you to stop consuming the art of artists who do bad stuff. To what extent you separate the art and the artist is up to you, and the different opinions on the matter are equally valid.

  21. Ok, that's true as well and needs to be said. Because if someone does feel uncomfortable or unable to enjoy the art based on other things, their feelings shouldn't just be dismissed. Tbh I personally have been less able to enjoy Soule's music, but am usually hesitant to say so.

  22. Sparks of hope weapons: Less money spent on modeling work just a re-texture and in some cases just changing colors … the weapons were obviously last on the list, and done by the interns son for Father’s Day

  23. Lol well it sounds like that father got a really thoughtful gift at least 😂

  24. Scattered throughout tamriel you can actually find these big wide toilets usually fashioned crudely out of materials like wood and rocks and such. There are some in skyrim, four of them to be precise, which are commonly known as Dushnik Yal, Largashbur, Mor Khazgur and Narzulbur. But beware of the dung keepers. These are smelly ogre-like beings with pointy ears that are known to guard these huge toilets. They keep to themselves usually, but the pestilent stench that emanates from their dung covered bodies can make the hardiest nord cry like a little idiot br*ton baby

  25. How come I saw one working as a librarian at the Winterhold Magic College? I always thought it was weird for N*rds to accumulate so much knowledge in one place at one time, does that location have a different purpose?

  26. And didn't the Mage's Guild casually send a daedra to go deliver a simple message to Hieronymus Lex just to be extra petty in that one Thieves Guild quest?

  27. Is this is one of the memes the Thalmor made to convince the rest of the High Elves that they were actually the ones who saved everyone?

  28. Niceguys are always texting like they're writing the most boring novel on the planet

  29. Haha but he replaced the word "comic" in "comic relief" with the synonym "levity" haha so he totally much unique and intelligence right haha ⚰️ 💀

  30. Something about his grammar and writing style is frustrating dafuq outta me and I can't figure out what it is.

  31. This one right here doesn’t realize tinder is a hookup app and some people aren’t on their to date. Doesn’t automatically make those people nice guys or girls. Go back to your basement and sulk

  32. The idea of Tinder being a hookup app is from like.....2012 lol. When people were still confused by the idea of interacting with random people on apps in general. Your brain needs a system update

  33. Someone says this on every post lately with a bunch of upvotes. All y'all need to get banished to the shadow realm. Line up and get your Yu-Gi-Oh decks out rn

  34. Hieronymus Lex? Yeah, I've heard of him. Isn't he a soldier or a guardsman in the Imperial City?

  35. Err...usual mix up at the watch! I.....

  36. Aye, I know those eyes. They're the eyes of a Chimer, they are

  37. Regarding 5. it's because both are highly immobile and have slow attacks I guess.

  38. After playing a bit more, I'm also starting to suspect that Shadow Walker might be using the same animations as Thief/Ninja. But I'm not sure

  39. A week ago I asked here if it was any similar to FF14 and people said no....

  40. Reddit is weird like that, you're at the whims of whoever happens to be looking when you write your post. I assume if I wrote this 11 days ago when you wrote your post, I would have gotten disagreements too. Which is totally ok and valid of course, and obviously it's not an MMO, but still I strongly feel that combat, story pacing, presentation, setting, etc. is heavily influenced by FF14 and I have seen others here say the same. I think it's more easily noticeable to those who have gotten into the nitty gritty of really playing FF14 a lot.

  41. The Imperials are so accepting of everyone they committed genocide on the Altmer, the person who created said Empire (Tiber Septim) is famous for his HATRED of Orcs, and the Empire abandoned everyone in the Empire when the world was being attacked by Dagon.

  42. Imperials are still more accepting of diversity than any other government in all of Tamriel. Racial tensions still continue to exist, but only in Cyrodiil (source: TES IV - Oblivion) do you get to see a Dark Elf as the Count of a city and Khajiits, Argonians, and Orcs as stewards, trusted advisors, and other leadership positions. All while an Altmer becomes the de facto interim Emperor and is praised by most of the citizens and Counts.

  43. Why is everybody angry about the Imperials trying to take off our heads? While I know we were just at the wrong place at the wrong time but would you believe if somebody said that after you see them traveling near a known terrorist and killer of a seven-year-old girl just to punish her father? Not just that but Ulfric had just killed the king!

  44. Also my running theory is that they put that execution into the beginning SPECIFICALLY to give you a reason to dislike the Imperials right away, otherwise I bet there wasn't enough of a reason to (when playing for the first time, before you learn about any Thalmor or concordats).

  45. No no that's Nickelodeon GAK. Pls learn the scientific terms.

  46. Being a delusional maniac wasn't enough, now they gotta tarnish the legacy of Nickelodeon slime too? Damn

  47. Gotta watch out for those Indian man-cats

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