1. Sounded as though, not only is the lease terminated but bbby get 3 million back and just short of 200k back from the second lease they spoke about

  2. So far there are at least 3 leases they "sold" back to the landlord that I have seen. 1. for $3 mill with a solar installation. 2. $3.5 mill with a solar installation 3. $170k

  3. Youre suuuuper high because of shares would be able to be recalled like that to screw over shorts all companies would do it all the time.

  4. WTF are you talking about. You don't need ANY reason to recall lent shares. There is no appeal.

  5. Lol what? Any four year old who looks at that chart can clearly see a swap is being used

  6. not at all. They don't match up any more than the additional lines drawn in.

  7. Wen tomorrow? 😩😝 This freakin 3 day weekend lasted forever!

  8. seriously. I have been going through some hard withdrawal here.

  9. Idk what I'm recovering on 🤣 checkout my post history. I'm so involved with BBBY I don't even know what's going on in the main subs and what's going on with the stocks lol

  10. Ignore the shill. He is trying to stop discussion of the real issues. I agree with you and think we should put together more resources for retail investors.

  11. The proof is in the massive dilution that happened and will happen shortly again. I am actually impressed he circumvented the wishes of his shareholders and gaslighted them to think dilution is "good", but anyways why we talking about AMC here?

  12. May 31 is 1 day before June 1 which means we will be entering 140 Days Squeeze cycle.

  13. yup, my math has shown a june 2nd - 5th start to the run.

  14. And what good does it bring anymore? We're long past that point of needing an earning report to figure out how the company is doing now that we're in C11 remember??

  15. you will get more and higher bids with earnings.

  16. That is what I was thinking. Who would think that these headlines would make someone sell? People are more likely to buy reading these headlines.

  17. don't they have to declare the stalking horse bid 1 or 2 days after the deadline, if there is a bid?

  18. yea but who is to say they will stop attacking IEP before this is over.

  19. yes also iep doesn’t charge management or performance fees unlike pershing square.

  20. they do, but they are low. They call them something else and hindenburg tried to claim they were shady for charging a fee that was like 1/2 the usual fee.

  21. court gave them until the 28th and someone saw that they had ended the quarter 3 days early and it should have been the 18th/28th not 15th/25th.

  22. Something is definitely off with this whole thing

  23. The Shorts are dropping the price using the BBBY playbook and media pushes BS narrative.

  24. There has been zero proof that I have seen that this position exists or has ever existed.

  25. Jamaica is awesome. I did the waterfall climb up this river while on a cruise many years ago, and it was one of the coolest things ever.

  26. I am sorry, I just do not understand what I said in my post that is offensive or that makes you think I am trying to do something negative against BBBYQ. I am balls deep into this play 2x,xxx shares and our only income is from my wife working at Bed Bath and Beyond. So if this thing goes belly up our family is severely FUCKED!!!

  27. Be very careful calling any number posted on here claiming to be AST. PHISHING scams are real.

  28. Great interview. Not to mention the interest rates are going to be high right NOW. That means people will get better deals on the homes and in a few years they refinance at a lower rate, pull out some equity along with that due to home value going up and you will see a big boom in the economy.

  29. if only you had posted the link I would have done it but now I am gona have to look it up myself.

  30. No one is selling? How can you prove that? That’s damn near statistically impossible. I know that people are day trading this. I know people will take profit at some points. I know that shorts will bang the close damn near every day. I’m holding and am bullish as fuck but I’m not delusional.

  31. yea someone is always trying to make money. plenty of people who bought at 4-10 cents are cashing out multi hundred percent gains right now. Not everyone has to be in it for a squeeze play.

  32. Write them IEP was making you money until this week when shortsellers started shorting the stock into the ground. I bet they will tell you they are not interested in your case.

  33. This is why PFOF is so damaging. they can see the order flow come in route orders internally and because they are a broker and market maker when people sell/buy, citadel has quite a bit of freedom over both sides of the trade.

  34. Seriously. Let's poke the guy who just announced he is buying up 500m of his shares by dropping the price 50% for him.

  35. His next response is gonna be Carl announcing he owns 101% of his own shares and the shorts can suck a bag of dicks if they think he will ever let them cover their short position. They will be paying CTB interests like taxes. UNTIL THE GRAVE.

  36. sure just give me your paypal login details and I will get that right over to you ;)

  37. It is not an actual short interest statistic. FINRA is only 3400 companies and doesn't include like 99% of the investing world.

  38. That listing is not the entire SHORT INTEREST for the stock. That is only what FINRA member Firms are short ACTUAL stocks. FINRA members are just ~3400 Companies and has been going down every year.

  39. I would really like to take a look at BBBY traffic stats. That bill is insanely high for serving some videos on a website even at the scale of BBBY.

  40. Telling a story about the end of oppression by pushing a story designed to oppress you and turn you into slaves.

  41. I don't understand. I own iep but am unaware of what you are referring to. Can you explain or Send me a link to something please?

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