1. Yeah there's a lot of historical inconsistencies because of balance purposes. Just a few of my pet peeves that I've noticed throughout the years:

  2. Spanish/Portuguese not having access to Genitour. Frank's not having access to Arbelest.

  3. I mean, two teams have to go 0-3. It's not ridiculous to predict one of those to be from the region that has historically been pretty God awful in international LANs

  4. God awful is a pretty interesting take, the only truly bad OCE team I've seen was Canberra Havoc.

  5. And then Furia left SAM and MENA got the twins? There's a reason the Club is rolling over SAM right now and it isn't all because they're a good team

  6. On the other hand, The Club finished in the same slot as Falcons at world's, and upgraded with Bemmz, so perhaps they have found another level.

  7. I personally think Sicilians are better for this, because you can drop with fewer vills. Typically I would do two trips, one with 4 vills + scout and the other with 5 vills.

  8. For Sicilians, I prefer to drop off a few Serjeants in Feudal, and let the chaos ensue.

  9. For beginners, it's probably things like how quickly villagers will go to kill another sheep, the moment their path to the current one gets temporarily blocked.

  10. Sicilians bonus is basically +100 when you hit castle age, considering you can't use the stone for anything besides a single tower (donjon) anyway like any other civ.

  11. I think the word broken gets thrown around a bit too much.

  12. Probably loom, I've gotten it early, decided against it pretty often

  13. Yeah, sometimes I go queue loom in reaction to getting housed, but realize that the 5 villagers I tasked rushing up a house have actually nearly finished, and I'd rather restart vil production.

  14. Wow, lost against EG. OCE still struggling hard against EU I see.

  15. I remember EG dominating their international scrims before the fall major last year too.

  16. Certainly an interesting concept, though I can't say I agree with your choices.

  17. Well some trebuchet have badass names tho, like the two of Acre siege, "Bad Neibourgh" and "God's Own Catapult", that you can find in AoE2 btw

  18. Warwolf was also a historical trebuchet used by the English, which is where the Britton unique tech name comes from.

  19. What makes Italians so strong on water, is discounted dock techs really enough to make them top tier? Doesn't sound nearly as strong as something like vikings or other civs with bonuses directly to ships

  20. Well 15% cheaper fishing ships gives you more wood to spend on your navy, so it allows you to at least keep up early on, until the other bonuses kick in.

  21. Not to mention cheaper careening is very nice all round in castle age and cheaper shipwright is insane in imp

  22. Yeah, I never really circled back to the dock tech bonus at late game, but as you say, it's more than just the timing power spike factor. It's a big cost saving, with how expensive an imperial age techs are, given galleon, elite cannon galleon, shipwright and dry dock combine to over 4k res, so you are saving 1k there.

  23. I don't think the tech needs a buff, it's a low key but powerful thing to research. You need a castle to really take advantage, as it fully heals 20 units within a minute.

  24. Yeah, I've sometimes grabbed herbal medicine with Bulgarians when doing a krepost and konnik play. You can get pretty crazy value when you pull your konniks and knights back to kreposts with herbal medicine.

  25. I remember doing this when Empire Wars first came out, and it just felt cruel, so I stopped doing it. It's so easy to execute as you barely need any economy, and opponents had such a hard time trying to stop it.

  26. Boar laming is pretty tricky at lower elos though right? You've got to be pretty active with your scout.

  27. If the problem is on closed map, why nerfing the stone bonus ? It's the Folwark that is disproportionally strong on closed map since its drawback (farm villager further from TC) is cancelled there.

  28. I like this general line of thinking, bringing down the closed map power, while improving their open map performance.

  29. People say he isn’t a strong player but I thought he was around 1800 1v1

  30. I seem to remember that it was his team game elo, though it was a long time ago, I can't remember.

  31. i dont get it, donjons are worse than towers, and more specifically more expensive

  32. Donjons are only worse than towers in feudal age, they upgrade each age for free and gain an extra arrow. In a sense, you end up with a more powerful version of a keep, while avoiding having to purchase the tower upgrades.

  33. He might have the best average LAN results in the new age era. If not then definitely one of

  34. Moist, BDS and G2 all have better average finishing positions no?

  35. Moist, BDS and G2 all have better average finishing positions no?

  36. I am 764 Elo and just won my first game vs hard AI. it took me around 20 games vs hard AI to get this achievement. I didn’t rush but I was better than the AI regarding the MACRO and hold it tight and all together to win. The map was Arabia my civ was Franks AI Vic was Dravidians. So I think I can consider Hard AI is between 750 to 850 Elo.

  37. Out of interest, did you build any defensive towers in feudal, or perhaps a forward castle?

  38. Bald Vatira looks even more terrifying than when he's about air dribble 50 it into your net.

  39. I actually think Noly was the legit regional 3 MVP, which lines up with what AppJack said (AppJack best 1st regional, Chronic best 2nd regional, Noly best 3rd).

  40. SSG>FAL, SSG consistently made it top 4 in the toughest region to do so while FAL missed top 8 in their last LAN, wouldn’t expect them to make it now against better teams

  41. I see what you are saying, but Top 4 NA doesn't mean Top 8 globally, though it probably does indicate Top 10.

  42. Apparently Sophisticated and Intellectual Jack using the Buchholz seeding for his Swiss stage.

  43. I've noticed that very few pros still use Dominus and no one uses the old school Batmobile (that I know of). Are flat cars just worse than blocky cars at the highest level of play?

  44. Azaptos is a high level 1's player who uses the Centio (Plank/Batmobile) hitbox.

  45. Idk. Rocket League moves a bit quickly, so if there are no results after dropping school then he might be screwed. He could go from hero to zero and barely qualify for regionals easily and end up with an org that’s paying out less.

  46. You can always pick further education back up, so why not do what is necessary to make the most of the current opportunity?

  47. Bro Scrub did the same thing. It's an L then and an L now.

  48. I don't think there needs to be a special name for that move at all. It's just a pogo shot. I mean we also don't have special names for when a musty is doing a double tap or a shot on goal. Not to mention it's also a terrible name for a move, because it implies that it wasn't planned.

  49. Actually Chronic is now a refined Englishman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  50. Chronic has recently been spotted trying to form an orderly queue at McDonald's, and could be heard tutting to himself when he found out that crumpets aren't on the breakfast menu.

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