1. Miss and watch the kill cam of you getting domed in response?

  2. Must be expensive to be into.. everything?

  3. Lol, my guy - I started this collection when I was 17.

  4. Op. You are married right? Just an honest question.

  5. Interesting take which wouldn't really be too far off the mark IMO.

  6. My first play through with RPGs I usually try to be a fairly normal, non ridiculous person that falls in line with the vibe of the game. Im a bounty hunter in Starfield and so I usually stick to being curious about the main quest, have a fairly decent moral code but still try to make credits and take bounties where I can.

  7. I’ve been paying attention to this. It’s like they’re trying to kill whatever gaming they can. Not saying it’s related but it was weird AF

  8. Yeah - that's why I figured I'd take a little stroll to see if any BCG connections were there.

  9. I felt the drastic change in business model that was hurting developers almost seemed intentionally detrimental to the company.

  10. Okay so this is purely anecdotal as I'm in the diagnosis phase.

  11. I did initially. I was in a constant of horrid discomfort with my insides. From upper stomach to lower end.

  12. Can't wait to see how MSM is gonna spin this look.

  13. Lmao I was literally just about to shitpost the same thing.

  14. i get enthesitis round my upper back, shoulder blade area. It feels like a burning tightness across most of the back rather than just the spine?

  15. To jump on this im currently being looked at as likely having AS according to my rheumatologist.

  16. Nothing. Big picture, or complex topic made simple: country owe money, country print money, country owe more money, country print more money. Country owe too much money? Country print much more money.

  17. Also add in this devalues the dollar if more money is printed without restraint.

  18. Well, the dollar held up well vs the Euro, so if everyone else is also doing poorly and their currency is becoming worth less, then the USD is becoming less worth less than theirs :)

  19. Great point! But locally at the US level - still bad for devaluing or was I off?

  20. Yeah. I have mild tinnitus. My pitch is so high and faint its almost unnoticeable during the day.

  21. The amount of good energy you're putting into the universe is truly immeasurable.

  22. Pulte, what's cool is other places may have just said "yeah we got it."

  23. I don't wanna be that guy but why are you rushing? Nothing good comes of rushed work. I'd recommend starting over. You'll be even more happy with yourself if you do.

  24. Sorry to hear man. Dealing with autoimmune or general health issues that arent taken as seriously seems to be an epidemic in itself.

  25. Fantastic moves man. Some of them really had me going "how the fuck?" Lol.

  26. Combo of immense pride and shame.

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