1. Even better, it's not available yet. "Coming soon".

  2. Having since a week or so Horrible latency issues rarely on servers around and in germany ( Up to 9000ms huuge spikes )

  3. Iam subscriber since like 2012 or 2013.

  4. Sad had high hopes for it , didnt knew they went with epic last time i checked it said feburary steam release or something.

  5. Er meinte um die Wohnung zu öffnen. Dachte ich mir schon dass das Stuss ist, die Polizei öffnet ja keine Wohnung weil dem Vermieter gerade danach ist diese zu sehen. Den Einsatz sollte ich dann auch bezahlen

  6. Wait, OTHER people can read this?!!?!? 😳

  7. They don't take your license.

  8. Never fucking pre-order digital content. People will just never learn.

  9. I feel like the changes were made to appease those who trashed this game from the beginning. They won't ever be happy.

  10. Literally logged into my twitter account for the first time in 10 years or something to give feedback. I hate the new system and want it changed back. All it did was appease the irrational circlejerk of the main BF sub. I actually liked the freedom of the new system and think the game feels awkward and weird now.

  11. This , its just so super limited , i played bf2042 only for like 5 hours and didnt touch it since then.

  12. Also, consoles aren’t running the game on ‘ultra’ setting

  13. Yep usually to compare to PC settings it's something around medium - low.

  14. i dont own a PS5, but some of the comparison videos i've seen make the console version look like high or ultra on PC (mix of some of the settings)

  15. Hc raid is easier and drops above 400 gear.

  16. But you can’t do LFR on Heroic difficulty correct?

  17. I remember my old gigabyte p55a ud4 that completely screwed the ram clocks and the subtimings in a spectacular way. But somehow it was stable lol.

  18. I had a gigabyte b350 board which nearly grilled my 1700x lol allways wondered why it was so hot running till I checked voltages.

  19. You single handedly proved how it doesn't take 2 hands to dominate wow.. i got to hand it to you bro...

  20. Comes really up to the class specially in m+

  21. Very likely just very bad maintained old wood in water.

  22. Grow up rich with a rich family.

  23. They very likely don't save anything. At the next traffic light you likely meet again.

  24. If someone blocks you, you can't even comment on the same chain as that user.

  25. Pre order bonuses used to be whole ass statues. Now you get bs in game items or exclusive content.

  26. Some fucking manuals from 10-20 years ago games would count today as 100+ collectors box part lol

  27. What exactly is a lie about the advertisement they posted?

  28. i guess on what op provided , they advertise supporting the service , but it doesnt work.

  29. Like, I’m not trying to be hyperbolic, but I don’t know what to do with comments like this.

  30. If they were complaining that the necromorphs weren't sexy anymore, it would at least be interesting.

  31. Haha true just checked they are angry about stuff like

  32. Gibt's nicht solche Münzzählautomaten bei Kaufland oder so?

  33. being unable to vote on reviews for a while can hardly count as jail

  34. Actually it's a account restriction.

  35. this feels a bit like a slippery slop argument, if you have evidence of any of this remotely possibly happening, that'd be a different story.

  36. Good start on aliens Might be just Skulking .

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