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  1. I didn’t catch the directors cut. I missed the scene where they went to London. I think they did, anyway…they mentioned an Eiffel Tower.

  2. That's... Not in London. But it's porn so nobody's paying attention anyway

  3. Why not five! Safe, semi, burst, auto, tism(3-2 alternating bursts)

  4. My college roommate told me he always got naked to shit. Just something he did. We all have our quirks.

  5. I knew a guy that would go home to shit because he would always, without exception, take a shower after

  6. You forgot about most problematic, 8th layer.

  7. Sure. But making a dumb choice to go to a dangerous place doesn't mean you're not allowed to keep yourself alive when you get there

  8. Acting as a vigilante should void any self defense immunity, in my opinion. It shows intent to cause harm.

  9. I think we're just going to disagree here. There's more nuance to my opinion than that, but it doesn't seem likely that going into detail would change much. Appreciate the civil discourse though.

  10. Ok my noob is showing but what kind of rare mag did that used to be? I'm not good at identifying steelies yet

  11. No rare mag here haha! It’s just a surplus romy mag that’s gone to hell.

  12. Tim Pool is quite insufferable though, he's quite the milquetoast fence sitter and likes listening to himself a bit too much. I haven't watched the podcast and I won't.

  13. The only thing I know about him is that people don't like him. What's his deal?

  14. Love Carlin like many others, but if we're talking 'still alive' I'd probably say Anthony Jeselnik

  15. If you still have that Kobra by the time I get paid on the 9th lmk

  16. They bought enhanced safeties (knowing the normal machinery was down) but they went onto the line on accident? So which was it? Was this intentional or accidental lol

  17. not defending their atrocious PR... but from what he said the 'enhanced safeties' and the 'shotgun safeties' are not the same safeties.

  18. What I don’t understand as a neutral reading this, why do they say the machine broke that made the regular safeties and yet also blame the shotgun safeties on a box incorrectly going to the wrong line with no one noticing? The entire post seems to contradict itself as to whether this was incidental or intentional

  19. No dog in this fight either, but as I interpereted the writing in the post, it was saying there were actually three types of safeties:

  20. A delivery company is not a tech company. It may use tech, but it is in logistics.

  21. A company that writes the app, and ONLY writes the app, and maybe even the underlying infrastructure that does not pay or contract out deliveries is indeed a tech company. But why would a tech company have a head of grocery, buy inventory, or have excess inventory.

  22. ...yeah, valid point. It's probably not something like Shipt, or they wouldn't have inventory.

  23. as long as we ignore the fact that the "2nd amendment is for hunting, the only gun you should be allowed to own is bolt actions, pump shotguns, and God's gift to mankind, the 1911" crowd exists, yeah, those odds look pretty good.

  24. Is it just me that find it’s ridiculous you can’t drink or own a handgun at 20 years old they should lower it for both

  25. Depending on the state. In the state I live in, you need to be 21 to purchase a handgun from an FFL licensed dealer, but you only need to be 18 to purchase one from an individual.

  26. Your car is most likely most efficient between 40-60mph. The different of efficiency at 40mph and 60mph is very slight so it may as well be grouped into 1 range. It’s not some massive range.

  27. I know. That was the joke I was making. You knew that was a joke right? This thread had like four people suggesting pretty different ranges.

  28. You're avg redditor; lack of any real life experiences, and no actual knowledge on what they're speaking about.

  29. If someone is saying I shouldn't exist simply based on genetic traits over which I have no control, I don't need to know why they're saying it to know it's bullshit.

  30. Nah lmao, respect absolutely goes both ways.

  31. Get a new joke man. Everyone’s tired of that one

  32. I'd have made the same joke, but I lost all my jokes in a boating accident

  33. I read that as "he wants to raise only his own kids" but still... Dude doesn't love you OP

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