1. I really like it. It's nicely updated. In the New 52 he was supposed to be a current-day 15-year-old boy as Robin, so it makes more sense he'd wear this instead of the classic suit. Even ignoring the knives and concrete in an environment like Gotham, a guy isn't going bare-legged outdoors all night in coastal New Jersey. The classic pantsless Robin suit is just too awkward for modern tastes ngl.

  2. Completly unrelated to OP's question, but you mentioned that little Timbo's moment and it made me laugh. He knows some obscure fact out of Jason's medical history(the fact that shouldn't be true because of everything we know about the pit), but he doesn't know brother eye can't control Bruce's jets – a tech tidbit, kinda his specialty – which causes his masterplan to fail completely. Talk about priorities, man. Maybe if you stalked Jason less you would've had more success as a villain, eh, Timbo.

  3. Even worse, Tim apparently learned all their quirks through simulations, not detective work.

  4. I enjoyed it. RH gave good, and he got got good. Honestly, the Batfamily seems way more healthier like this, with people coming and going, or else they get too cultish.

  5. An acquaintance maybe, dude couldn't care less that Jason died, not very friendly of him.

  6. Danny didn't seem super concerned about his own parents. Or his uncle. There could be a storyline there about training the empathy out of a child super spy.

  7. Team 'I dont know those characters except Red Hood and Ravager"

  8. Yeah, it's fun. It looks good, color palette really works for the vibe of the time period. It sounds good, everything from batarang' clinks to sudden spooky sounds, voice actors did a super great job. The things that I think were stupid in the plot came directly from the comic, so I'm not even that pissed. Overall, I would recommend.

  9. reminder that ravager isnt even exclusive to jason either, she fucked tim (why would anyone fuck tim)

  10. Rose didn't fuck Tim. Rose sexually assaulted Tim, but he managed to defeat her before she could compromise his purity. More or less the same thing happened with Cassandra Cain and Tim.

  11. Uh... Lego Bruce, WFA Bruce, and the UtRH recap movie Bruce genuinely love Jason and prioritize his well-being (while also not abandoning their personal morals).

  12. Bruce, while whacked by fear toxin after Hush: hallucinates Jason telling him he will never be able to stop him because he loves him too much.

  13. Well, I guess you could argue in "As the Crow Flies", Bruce's fear is that he'd compromise his mission for the sake of love. He could love his family while still loving and prioritizing his mission more.

  14. If memory serves right, Supergirl, just like most heroes, doesn't look particularly favorably on anything "outlaws-like". Unless Outlaws is just an edgy name for 100% good guys, then sure, could happen.

  15. She was a Red Lantern for a while during the New 52, around the time when she met Jason.

  16. Has she done something morally bad or at least questionable, when she was at it? And if it's not a red lantern for Jason I dig the idea.

  17. She was held responsible for a lot of damage including the Great Wall of China and the Arc de Triomphe. She killed a couple of aliens, but never became a Murderer like Red Hood, though her reputation was probably just as bad or worse than his at the time. She was "reckless and violent", if that sounds familiar.

  18. I like how Duke roasts Jason beyond what is probably appropriate, and Jason doesn't even mind. It's a running gag that carries over to other books to. They have a weird friendship. Maybe kinda mean-spirited, but not toxic.

  19. Damnatio memoriae. Geniunely prefer his characterization in BftC than in Three Jokers #2-3.

  20. I’m talking about after the fact when he left the Titans and came back during chuck Dixon’s run on Nightwing and birds of prey

  21. I wouldn't say Dick was a major player in her healing, though? Babs recovered with some support from her dad, became Oracle on her own, and formed the Birds of Prey with Dinah.

  22. I'm probably going to check it out in the future because of the design and the general lack of the crowbar alone – dc's good behavior should be rewarded.

  23. This story is totally inconsequential for RH, but I'm pretty pleased with his tiny role. Mostly looking cool in the art tbh.

  24. I think vigilantes are all hella sweaty and they also probably smell like protein shakes and kevlar.

  25. Me: Vigilantes perform really intense atheltics, they probably stink gross like sweat lol, not attractive at all. (Though they'd probably need to neutralize their scent for stealth purposes, come to think of it. 🤔)

  26. You can use similar logic for orange. Being diagnosed with something doesn't mean you have it, it means a doctor said you do.

  27. Who is Donna Troy is a great story for Dick Grayson fans.

  28. I won't argue that, but I'd say most of us prefer WIDT sticking to the house fire origin, not to mention the Pérez pencils. Plus her friendship with Dick.

  29. Barbara was retired when Jason was Robin so she probably wouldn’t be there & Dick was with the titans

  30. Nah, Babs' official retirement story came out near the end of Jason's Robin run. It's also been retconned in some stories that she was active as Batgirl all the way until TKJ.

  31. I actually think it makes the loss for batman worse. He took Jason in, saw the signs that he had anger issues and what not, and decided to ignore them thining he could mold Jason into the perfect Robin. His decision to keep Jason on duty despite the signs saying he was not mentally healthy for it makes the blame and guilt fall solely on Bruce, from his perspective at least.

  32. I can see your perspective, and I think it is pretty accurate to what writers have been trying to convey for 40 years, so you do have a lot of writing trying to go for that.

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