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  1. Oh hell no. Fuck that. Take it to the head of that professors dept or to the Dean. Thats ridiculous.

  2. Yay!! My mom had me singing RATM since I was like 2 😅

  3. YTA simply for the fact that you choose to keep your chairs there knowing that you are invading her privacy. Ask yourself how yoy woyld feel if the same was done to you, or to your mother or sister. Just bc she doesn't have window coverings on those windows, doesn't mean she's inviting you to peep into her windows every day. Sheesh.

  4. Idk...bc its trendy, bc people love wasting their money, bc people think its the only place to order ridiculously complicated specialty coffees when in reality ypu can get the same thing for cheaper at a small independently owned coffee shop, or any other coffee shop...

  5. First, I'm so sorry. Second, if this is really out of nowhere, and after really thinking about it and honestly saying there have been zero hints that she was no longer in love with you, then it's possible she has found someone else. It's also possible that you may have changed physically or psychologically and she is no longer attracted.to you. I say these 2 things, not bc they are the most painful, but bc they are reasons I have ended long term relationships or had them ended on me. I'd ask her to take some time to explain to you what went wrong or why she is no longer willing to stay married, but reality could very possibly be that she has been thinking about this for months before working up the nerve to tell you.

  6. Yes...they have them at my local head shop lol but they're a lot... like too much

  7. Then maybe you should encourage them to get good grades and find good jobs and help them out all you can.

  8. Are you serious? Lmfao you must be a completely out of touch and sheltered person if you think Long Island was never affordable. It was the first suburb in the country, made specifically to be affordable. My parents bought their 3 br 3 story home in the very early 70s/early 80s for less than $100k in a great neighborhood. In less than 40 yrs, that same house sold for over $425k. Show me any other suburb where that amount of price hike in that period of time has happened, that not in the Northeast, California, or the coast....i will even give you Florida bc of Miami.... you used to be able to afford a house with a mortgage, and raise a family of 4 on one middle class salary. One. So you either don't even live on Li, or you're just that clueless and out of touch...or maybe you are senile or have dementia or something

  9. Ah, and here come all the NIMBYs and " it's already too crowded!" Boomers and elitists and slumlords charging you their mortgage to live in their illegal windowless and mold infected basements...

  10. I live on Long Island...this is what happens when you live in or very close to large bodies of salt water...

  11. Usually skin care with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.l that are in many face washes does this...thats how mine get like that anyway...

  12. I visit downtown Riverhead often as I live close. It is greatly improved but I would not call it a great travel destination. It is alright.

  13. Lmao. .what's off putting is people freaking tf out and insulting me bc I recognize a great improvement event to a previously rundown crime ridden area. But go off I guess

  14. If you think that comment is me, “going off” then you have led a very sheltered life. I am just making the observation that you’re doing a bit much for the town of riverhead. The only person seems to be freaking out is you. Every time someone states their opinion that the list is questionable, you come in like the cavalry to try and convince them that they are wrong. You were the one who is so very invested. So you, do. go off.

  15. That’s for potential pathogens that an immunodeficient person may have some issues it, it’s poor advice for the average person…you can’t boil chemicals out.

  16. Pretty sure I trust 3 different oncologists and 2 different primary care physicians... was told spring water is best and to stay away from tap water and if I had to cook with it, to boil it

  17. Well they clearly weren’t environmental scientists/toxicologists who are the actual experts in water quality.

  18. Hey, you wanna take your chances with your health, then go off lmao. Drink as much as you want as often as you want. Have a blast, shit, add to s of aspartame and sucralose too! Just be sure you have all your affairs in order after say 45 yrs old. JfC...try to give helpful life saving info and get attacked for it. Only on fucking reddit stg. Hope you feel like the bigger person lmfao

  19. Always the Dodge Ram...always the biggest asshole on the road. Always.

  20. Tbh, it frightens the hell out of me that a male of your age would ever even consider listening to a chauvinistic, sexist, woman beater to begin with...do you also hate women? Serious question

  21. Hell no....its the main reason I made an account and am on it so much

  22. When some rando starts dancing behind you at the club or party, like you invited them to, then starts shoving his crotch into your ass... ugh so gross

  23. Underwire bras. I stopped wearing them about 3 yrs ago and I've never looked back. Never thought I could wear them bc im a D cup. But there are some very supportive ones!

  24. The voting starts now, we don't know who made it in yet.

  25. Lmfao the only thing you have proven is that you're a conplete and total piece of excrement with no morals or class

  26. And the kicker is they know their is an affordable housing crisis on LI and no housing will be built because of NIMBY's. They don't care. NoBoDy WaNtS To WoRk AnYmOrE...how is someone supposed to get a job if they don't have proper documentation? No adress? No place to get clean so they can stay presentable for a job? And god forbid you get sick, you have no place to recover. When you are street homeless you live in terror of getting sick. Worst example I remeber is having the stomach bug and no place to use the bathroom.

  27. Ugh, I can't even imagine. But yeah, they think they're so high and mighty, yet they're have no morals

  28. I love it here bc of the city and the beaches, but have been thinking of moving bc of the outrageous housing costs and greedy af landlords. I hate the heat so I was looking at some upstate cities and also Vermont.

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