Fishermen rescue two girls who were swept out to sea

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  1. It's fine. Not great for learning trick but good to cruse. If you want one for tricks, ask at your local skateshop don't buy online if possible.

  2. Mullets were cool in like 2018 now everyone's doing it, it's over. Greeser is the next trend. I'm a skater we are like two trends ahead of everyone

  3. Game is only good on pc, is dead on console. Session is better on both

  4. There’s no proof they were doing anything like that. Sometimes people just enjoy each others company.

  5. I'm irish and I cringed so hard when you said gaelic culture (first of all its celtic not gaelic) so our soles are one.

  6. And how did Qatar do. At least Germany qualified for the works Cup on merit. Qatar bought their way in. Sad

  7. Sky news Australia is one of the most right wing news media on earth.

  8. If they don't have the political belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect then yes, dealbreaker

  9. I don't mind his voice all I just dislike that kind of music. It's like "lowest-common-denominator-Ed-Sheeren-type" music.

  10. Sam fender is actually great. Feels real. Orosh bands are fake af. Picture this and fontaines are two sides of the same bland coin. Honestly fontaines are just the smiths but irish. Putting on the inner city accent os just cringe

  11. This party ain't stopping. Or do we all like dermo now

  12. Honestly the my Sharona solo is insane, it has no buisness


  14. Little gicknas will look for any excuse to start on someone, sure they pick on people dressed different, I was always called a freak growing up as I had long hair. They are just scum, ignore and move on, can be hard but they are not worth your time.

  15. Funny thing is they don't have any duty to protect you unless you're under arrest then anything that happens to you is on them... Wouldn't be surprised if he actually got fired for this

  16. Try to move your front foot less to keep the board stable.

  17. The mic he's talking about is a neumann U47 and Hitler didn't have anything to do with making it.

  18. Try the tesco own brand. Its much cheaper and based on the design of the can and what is printed on it, as well as side by side comparison of the meat, I am convinced it is literally the same product in the same cans with different labels. Yes I am aware of what sad, cheap bastard that makes me sound.

  19. No m8 I'm here for it. You pull back the curtain to reveal the wizard

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