1. You might want to mention where you are in the world. The USA has very limited options compared to say, Europe. Also wheel size (19 or 20) makes a difference in what is available.

  2. I suppose you could always try a test by leaving it installed but unplugging everything it is connected to and see what errors you get while driving.

  3. I use it to Climatize the Cabin before leaving. We don't have a regular schedule so setting in the car won't work me, and the garage is detached and far away from the house, so coding the FOB to do this won't work for me. I mostly do this for my wife before she runs out.

  4. My 2017 does not ride like that in a "semi strong wind". Maybe have the alignment checked? I've known people that have driven other cars for years and just complained about how they handled until I got them to get a wheel alignment. After that it drove "like a new car".

  5. thanks for posting the Batt.Kappa for the new Battery.

  6. Very interested to know quoted and/or actual repair cost if you wouldn’t mind keeping this thread updated.

  7. I think the part alone is around $1000 USD + install. That socket comes with the wiring attached already so you just plug it in but you have to remove the panel first.

  8. How do you use this? I don’t even have my credit card connected to the app…?

  9. Your car has an owners manual in iDrive. Find it. Then look up "Intelligent Safety System" for a description.

  10. Now that it is home with a new 12v, can you plug it into a L2 charger and let it sit overnight?

  11. Because it is something that has been done over and over in the past to solve issues that still exist after changing out a bad 12v. L1 might work but I've only seen people mention L2. There is even someone here who is apparently a BMW Tech who said that's what they do at the Service Dept for mysterious issues sometimes and it seems to work to let the computers sit overnight and work things out.

  12. In the owners manual... (of all places, how silly of them)

  13. Any idea how to get the car into neutral so it can be towed?

  14. Get a TORX 25 screwdriver and remove the Frunk tray for access, then get a 12v JUMP BOX to apply power to the 12v to give it enough power so the car can power on and then it can be put into Neutral.

  15. Definitely sounds like temperature affecting charge rate. My first DC Fast charge attempt was when Ambient Temp (and battery) were about 25F. Max rate was 16kW because battery was so cold. Rate went up to 28kW after 20 minutes. A week later Ambient and Battery temp was about 32F but I preconditioned the battery first (goes to 50F/20C) and 90 minutes later when I DC fast charged, the rate started at about 38kW and quickly went up to 48. But my battery temp was already warmer than Ambient air temp because I pre-conditioned it

  16. The bunper has two little dimples where the screws are supposed to go. They are pretty subtle at least. So e double sided tape and a bracket that bolted in at the air inlet would have been much better.

  17. Those dimples are for lining up and leveling the plate holder which has corresponding bumps.

  18. Remove the plate. Remove the plate frame (usually held in with 2 screws). Put the 2 screws back in without the other bits. You could probably find some touch-up paint to match the bumper and paint the heads of the screws before putting them back in.

  19. Yes, but spamming is and this individual happens to post multiples of these a day in both the general news feed and in all sorts of groups. It's definitely not an infrequent occurrence with them.

  20. ND support seems to leave "spamming" up to local moderation. It really has to be something really over the top and repeatedly posted the same to get ND Support to notice. Locally we get people reporting "anything they don't like" as "SPAM" and then people vote to Keep because "It's not Spam".

  21. I have multiple times and others have too, but this person is one of those frequent offenders that never quits and about whom Nextdoor support never seems to do anything. Not only does she post incessantly in both the general news feed and multiple groups about her "fairy garden" - including this latest toilet humor version - but she also has posted disrespectful comments on other threads, as well as a really comment/post awhile back in which she advised others on how they could euthanize a sick pet cat at home by giving it an overdose of aspirin.

  22. I uninstalled the app, but apparently some time ago I was added to some review panel where I get emails about reported content to review.

  23. People who Report comments cannot see who voted to Keep or Remove, nor can they see any "Notes/Comments". Unless they are also on the Review Team.

  24. Yes, but MyBMW can’t do much unless you have ConnectedDrive, which may require a $120 annual subscription, depending on whether the free trial on your ‘21 has expired.

  25. in the USA the subscription is generally for 4 years from the initial date of first sale. That varies in other countries though. That date should be visible in your BMWUSA account once you log in to it.

  26. Okay - that’s not something Tesla recommends in the dual motor cars. The standard is to charge up to 80-90% and only to 100% for a long trip.

  27. You might want to mention where you are in the world as well.

  28. trying to purchase it rn, but checkout page doesn't have a checkout button...? lol

  29. You may have to select a different Dealer for pickup. I had the same problem with the Dealer closest to me, but was allowed to buy from a Dealer further away.

  30. Imo, the best floor mats are TuxMat – better than WeatherTech, and anything else I've found. Unfortunately, they don't make mats for the i3 yet, though.

  31. I have a set of these and they appear to be identical to the Weathertech liners. I'm guessing that Weathertech makes them for BMW.

  32. just for the tires? I bought a set of RIAL rims and Blizzaks from TireRack for about $1600 with mounting. Now I basically have a complete spare set of wheels and tires. You can get a set of Pizza Wheels with Blizzaks installed for about that price from a BMW Dealer when they have them in stock as well.

  33. Correct. You have to buy a set of 19" Rims for Winter tires so you can use the Blizzaks.

  34. Thanks for the reminder, I'm on my Winter tires/wheels right now so I will check tread depth on my EP600s today.

  35. Then this is most definitely a ND software issue and while the user may be taking advantage of this glitch to get away with crap, it is not something THEY have control over. You need to report this issue to ND Support ASAP using the

  36. OK so your post here implies that this User has figured out a way to avoid being Reported when in fact it just appears that ND has screwed up.

  37. The First and Last Initial only showing up in REACTIONS is a result of two things:

  38. I generally get a consistent 1 mile per 1 percent of the battery at highway speed in my 2017 94ah Rex. Weather and all other factors cause that to vary. Without the Rex I would plan on the conservative side just in case you run into issues with the chargers.

  39. similar with my 2017 BEV. Recently took a 220 mile trip in 32F weather and was able to get to DC charging station 84 miles away with 22% of Battery remaining. This was in COMFORT mode. Could have done better with EcoPro+ but we like heat in the winter.

  40. I'm sure it would have to be an adapter. I'd be curious how rough it is for the battery or BMS though.

  41. from a video that I saw, it appears they just made CCS adapters for normal Tesla plugs and attached them to the end. I think that the way it works is if you have a Tesla, you just use the cable as normal, but for CCS you have to use their app to unlock it and then it is released with the CCS adapter attached. Someone else may have a better explanation.

  42. 49¢/kWh plus possibly a monthly subscription fee. You have to use the Tesla app to connect. It seems like every EV owner is visiting the one in upstate NY to do a video about it.

  43. 30 miles RT? That's nothing. My neighbors bought a 2019 BEV a couple years ago but had the same concerns as you prior to purchasing. Longest distance was a 22 mile RT into the City. They only have a 10amp 120v L1 charger in their garage and it has been fine. You will probably be able to fully recharge that 30 miles in 6-8 hrs on L1 alone.

  44. Thanks mate. Do you know if the 2019 models without the tech package also have navigation? Any input on known concerns with the REX models or were the issues sorted in the later models? Cheers.

  45. They all have NAV. It has nothing to do with the Tech package.

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