1. I just say "no thank you, have a nice day." There is no need to be rude. I did have a direct tv rep grab my arm once. I was not nice to him.

  2. That’s so unbelievably far out of line. Holy shit. That’s one instance where I hope you went straight to management. Fuck that guy.

  3. I shop at Costco and I agree, I've seen some remarkable entitlement and arrogance from other customers.

  4. That’s what we’re supposed to do. If we chat, we chat. I you buy, we sell. If you decline, we move on.

  5. To be honest, nearly all these definitions are as technically incorrect as any western portrayal of Marxism from the 50’s. And they all include a caveat of not all are required for fascism.

  6. Here in Ireland, our regular Police (Gardaí) don't even carry guns (there are armed units). Guns exist, hunting is a sport and farmers might have them for rabbits etc. I feel extremely safe. I don't ever even think about gun violence here.

  7. It’s strange (to me) to hear Irishmen content with an unarmed populace, given The Troubles were not that long ago.

  8. I work in sales and move around the greater Atlanta area, so I am very familiar with the demographics of the area. If you think of I-285 as a clock, everywhere from 9 o’clock to 7 o’clock has a decent Indian population.

  9. Breaking News: Walmart sells 30% share to Samsung. Included in the deal: the finest marksmen the Far East can offer.

  10. I prefer the FWD Skyline myself. No oversteer. Perfect handling. Weight over the axel. How god intended.

  11. Never forget that topics like this were treated as matters of national security. The Feds even made the Disinformation Governance Board as an extension of DHS to silence any who opposed the narrative.

  12. The hyper-sensationalism of news outlets creates an atmosphere of panic each election cycle, and drives third party votes to the big two. Awareness also plays a major roll. Even in this post, I don’t think I saw America’s third largest party mentioned once.

  13. The age of consent in many Middle Eastern & North/Central African countries is 9-14, but this is where we draw the line? Thought we were keeping western values to ourselves…

  14. I genuinely think it’s because meme culture largely hinges on counter-culture and based/fringe takes (often ironically). Most leftist memes just parrot MSM headlines, rather than subtly making a commentary on them.

  15. I saw a comment saying that it is bad for thinking it's acceptable to joke about minorities and I said its fine as long as its just a joke. Someone responded saying "there's never a thing as just a joke". Mind you we were talking about a comedian.

  16. If we don’t joke about touchy subjects, we rarely address them. That’s my view. A good joke can open someone up to self analysis…unless, of course, we deem them unethical from the start.

  17. It’s stupid shit like this. This is how Republicans make fools of Libertarians (aside from actively lobbying to take them off ballots). Trump pushed gun control legislature through. He doesn’t give a fuck about gun rights. He’s just farming smooth brains that likely know nothing about Waco, and think Koresh was an outlaw or some shit.

  18. I don’t know if anyone caught it, but David specifies constantly that his first wife was 14. That’s significant because Mary, the mother of Jesus, is estimated to have been 14 when she gave birth to him. Fringe subsets of Christianity tend to hyper-fixate on numbers. This is the first time I’ve seen that one used though.

  19. Shot the tip of my pinky off trying to dislodge a cartridge from my 9mm. I had a hold of the slide and didn’t realize my pinky had gradually shifted in front of the barrel while I tried to free the round. When the slide realigned, the striker engaged. Not sure how.

  20. V seems to have particularly malicious NPCs. Like, I pay close attention to their intended actions and try to instigate. If you’re going straight at an intersection and an NPC is in the right lane (not the turn lane) — about to stop — you can change to the turn lane at the last second and they will still hop the triangle-island-curb-thing just to hop in your way. The only way to not get kamikazied by NPCs is to pump fake them in the wrong direction, which would be a problem I’m GTA had remotely decent driving physics.

  21. The driving is grippy asf in V, i think for the map and the game the physics are perfect, if it was any stickier it would feel less natural. For an open world non driving game, I’d say GTAV has the best driving experience - think of watch dogs and cyberpunk, those games feel disgusting to drive in personally.

  22. I haven’t played those, but that doesn’t really change my opinion on GTA Vs physics. Virtually all cars have zero grip stock (even at ridiculously slow speeds). The only cars that handle at all are hypercars, and they handle like F1 cars. It’s just annoying for me because I have an assumption of how a car I’m about to drive is going to handle based on its real world performance. When the only two handling options are a boat on ice or glued to the street with infinite turn radius, it’s a little annoying.

  23. Question: Is the necrophilia recreational as well? Cause it sounds compulsory at this point, and that drastically changes my answer.

  24. mhm, both are recreational but both did not commit the murder. the victim was already dead

  25. Follow up question: Are these acts public knowledge, or like sneaky links at the morgue?

  26. some people use 1984 as an attack on all socialism/leftism, if your not doing that then its fine.

  27. It’d be more accurate to say that it’s a rebuke of socialism — in the same way Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis is a rebuke of the Catholic Church. Animal Farm is of the same nature. Orwell wrote his later works to denounce Stalinism (many English socialists thought fondly of the Soviets in the years following WWII). Both books are explanations of how cults of personality easily manipulate masses when power/information is heavily centralized.

  28. For anyone that wants to do this, but has bills to pay:

  29. It’s not that he’s in his underwear. It’s not that he calmly opens the door with a beer in hand. It’s not even that they’re casually holding the hammer together. Nor is it the fact that the blow is delivered out of frame, and that Paul’s head is never clearly in frame thereafter. No.

  30. What are you confused about I don't get it.

  31. The story was really vague when it initially broke. It took them forever to release 1:30 of body cam footage that clarifies nothing and is just bizarre. They release it on almost the exact same day as the Tyre Nichols footage. Why then? Why exactly then? (I don’t know, nor do I have suggestions. That’s why I didn’t put a take on it. Just pointed out aspects that seem off/politically advantageous.)

  32. Kinda crazy that $125/day is $15.63/hr (or $32,500/year). That’s dangerously spot on. $15/hr (in my experience) is the most common pay rate: complained about, proposed as minimum wage, and/or used to argue universal basic income. That prediction is as eerily similar as those of Bradbury or Orwell. That’s a massive target to guess at, given their wages in 1923. It’d be like guessing the 2123 proposed minimum wage to be $237/hr and only being off by $1-$2. Bizarre.

  33. To this day, I will NOT take a Covid test. Not on principle. I’ve just made it this long without having to take one, and it feels like an achievement at this point.

  34. I don't hold anything against small business owners, and I'm just saying that they literally are petite bourgeoisie by definition, aka not proletariat. I'm not a Marxist so I'm not going to divide this into "people I like and people I don't like based on this definition from the 1800s". Even from a Marxist perspective, his point on the petite bourgeoisie was not that they're the same as the industrial barons, but that they often strive to expand their businesses to be like them (even if usually unsuccessful at it) and they politically often align with them: aka supporting looser labor laws, lower taxes, etc, which in this case aligns with republicans more.

  35. I appreciate the article. It was pay walled though. I see your point, but I’m more referring to the idea of producers and consumers. Like, small business owners generally pay employees well, or have none. The whole character of bourgeoisie is that of middle management. Like, goods and services are primarily produced by the rural communities. Cities subside off the production of the small business owner. Tradesmen/craftsmen in decline. That’s much of what Marx discussed. Industry strips individual talent down to accepting any price for the cheapest made goods.

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