1. Lost mine when I was 19 shit gon be hard but you gotta stay strong lil bro I’m praying for y’all 🤝❤️

  2. All I heard was you thinking about sucking ya mans

  3. Yes it will work… but seriously, why? Do you really want to smoke drain cleaner? Go online and find lab grade… aka clean stuff.

  4. Just asking this is my first time idek what sodium hydroxide is so I just wanted to be informed

  5. I looked it up and as of right now, Right Stuf doesn’t have Volume 2 in stock, so if you’re just looking to buy all the volumes individually (instead of the 250$ box set on Amazon), you can grab a new copy of volume 2 from Barnes and Noble’s website or secondhand from ThriftBooks :) Good luck! I hope your wife loves it <3

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