1. Migrants don’t need the vaccine, bigot. Their melanin protects them as much as 4 mRNAs and 420 masks.

  2. Making fun of people who've died is not how we win people over to our side (never mind the fact that Jesus does not approve).

  3. And that is why I nominate thee for a Herman Cain Award. Inshallah!!!


  5. You all do realize it's one term not a list right? It's talking about "white Christian nationalist" not "whites, Christians, and nationalists". I didn't think you'd really want to be associating with white nationalist. A white Christian nationalist is somebody who believes that American needs to be a non-secular Christian society (like Iran but with Christianity) and with white supremacy both de facto and de jure. How is that even some what defensible?

  6. Oh please, you can’t even define that phrase. It’s a buzzword to reinforce “white culture bad”.

  7. What do you mean I can't define the phrase, I just gave you the definition? A white Christian nationalist is somebody who wants a non-secular society with white supremacy.

  8. Yeah, that doesn’t exist- not in any remotely significant numbers. Turn off the CNN.

  9. these companies should be held liable for being complicit in the largest genocide in human history

  10. serious question why do these employees keep revealing these things over dinners lol, are they that stupid or is this staged?


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