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  3. was playing some 1v1s with a friend and during one of the games we had a situation where i had chronoshift and 2 denies in hand while he had disintegrate red card on the stack. I knew he had a second ping in hand from tibbers so i was originally going to chronoshift my karma to eat his disintegrate because disintegrates card text states "the next time it takes damage this round" but then noticed the text on my karma said "when it takes damage this round" so i decided to double deny instead, then we just went into a custom afterwards to test the interaction

  4. This is what my inventory would look like if u could buy 100 banners at once

  5. Yeah it’s the best gun imo for proving grounds, makes the boss fight so trivial it’s not even funny

  6. The problem is rooted deep in the design of D2, but there are certainly aspects that can be fixed. And if not, they need to at least permanently add freelance, as i simply cannot win when my teammates can't hear me and I face a 3 stack.

  7. Don't know why you're getting downvoted. This clip is one in a million and 99% of players with 2+ braincells just won't challenge the well. The rest of the time the build will be mediocre at best.

  8. literally everyone challenges well and i never understand why

  9. Source: me too, last season. Still works; the first time you get a new adept mod, it can be put on one(1) weapon.

  10. Wish I knew this before farming all the adepts a week ago

  11. So let's say your 2.0 with a 52 percent win rate and with sbbm you would be playing against 2.0 every game you would be able to win 7 in a row with mercy

  12. I play multiple competitive shooters at different levels and i hit the equivalent constantly with a ~55% wr

  13. Exactly in a balanced game skil based matchmaking works but in this game where lorentz super and a whole lot of cheese exist skill based matchmaking would be hell

  14. Oh god is this is why there were like 3 people in full candescant afking my trials games

  15. They don't understand us low-estate gamers.

  16. I mean im one of the highest sens gamers i know in that i run 1k .4 in valorant which is double what most people use but its still good principle to have your sens as low as possible

  17. Yes and its fucked up spent a week with weenie ass +5 mobilities

  18. I planned on doing a speed run, then settled for doing a casual run and ended up with a completionist run...takes ages to progress through the story but it feels so good ending a map with the feeling of 'everything done besides these 2 seeds behind the forest minuet barrier'

  19. Literally who would int to turrets lmao that accomplishes nothing. Dying to players actually gives them gold and is the whole point of running it down.

  20. ok but dying to a turret while combat tagged by a champion still gives them the gold

  21. I really read that title and followed it with "now the odds are in our favor"

  22. Slpt time: just use the same password for everything. Cant forget your password if its the exact same as every other password!

  23. I use a master password for accts i dont care about lol

  24. I got that quest done in a barebones CHEAP like 50k ruble cheap duo raid where we straight up dropped a fort + slick and 2 gl40s instantly in a 2v3

  25. Whats the original scene i feel like ive seen it b4 (def havent seen the movie)

  26. Nah, we had a team full of trollers :D. I did that ace with my legs on my table, knowing that the game was already lost because of 3 toxic throwers in our team. They were toxic and throwing from round 1 because we were 5 duelists, and idk why people when see that their team is 5 duelists think that the game is already lost 100% xD, so instead of dodging that game, that guys were throwing it since round 1 :P. Unlucky game that we all had.

  27. Damn if that was relaxed gaming i dont wanna see the lean forward gamimg

  28. Alright, thank you very much. With it coming from someone who seemed to be in my exact same place, it makes me very confident moving forward and hopefully being able to do much higher dungeons later on down the line once I finally get a few characters setup!

  29. being able to choose the maps in comp would be overpowered, since you can just memorize one map and play on it to rank up but the same on unrated would be nice since i hate haven

  30. but thats how csgo does mm lol if u want to climb without memorizing literally hundreds of lineups u pick one or two maps to get good at Less the case in valorant but still applies if u play a lineup character

  31. I’ve literally played CSGO games where a timeout is called and someone who disconnected the round prior reconnected during timeout. It’s not fixed in a minute, you usually call a timeout when someone dcs in the middle of a round which gives them more like 2-3 minutes

  32. ive restarted my game to fix bugs during a timeout and made it back in time to play the round

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