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  1. Since somebody sad that Empress hates Yakuza games both cracks are coming like never...So enjoy in both games...Heard both have amazing story...:D

  2. Would be kind of an oxymoron if she said she wants all denuvo games to be cracked

  3. I felt all guilty and bought it on steam. Even though I'd learned to "Never pay more than 20 bucks for a game."

  4. I think it's worth every cent. We have been waiting for 3 decades the answer to the mysterious ending of the original Monkey Island 2 and now we finally got it.

  5. This might sound stupid, but recently in India, FIFA 23 ultimate edition was sold on the Epic Games Store for Rs. 4, which is $0.050. Will there be any chance due to this mishap the game be cracked when released? For people who say I should've bought it myself, I found out about it a bit too late and by that time it was fixed. EA had released a statement saying that whoever bought the game for Rs. $ will be allowed to play the game and won't have to pay any extra money! I know it sounds stupid but, I was curious.

  6. Crackers probably have money or somebody donates the game to them, but that doesn't make it any more easier for cracking. You still have to have an extended knowledge of reverse engineering, which right now only EMPRESS is willing to use it for public.

  7. Aero Glass UI,transparent titlebars.

  8. Using Windows 7 in 2022 poses risk of your computer becoming a breeding ground for viruses, because Microsoft no longer supports it with security updates. My advice is to either switch to 10/11 or if you want more customized UI, switch to Linux

  9. Any idea how long update cracks generally take? Waiting on Dying Light 2 update.

  10. Legally no, however, since abandonware has no support from the original publishers, and they stopped caring about it because they stopped selling the game a long time ago, there are no reperecussions from downloading something like Need For Speed Underground or Prey from sites like

  11. Might be a stupid question, but I'm wondering why Two Point Campus has been cracked but only released on Switch emulator if it's available on PC

  12. So what's the point of this subreddit then. I think this is why we have a certain russian site that takes care of this. Hail Mother Russia

  13. the OP actually response to a 2yo post hotdamn kudo/s ma'am/sir. But yeah, the subname is crack support, but then all cracked games are software related and breaks rule 5.

  14. Big brain moment, however that won't stop reddit admins from issuing DMCA claims

  15. Website, i always get my games from there, they work fine, but i seem to have a problem with this one.

  16. Gladly, any better sources other than fitgirl?

  17. Search beginners guide to crackwatch, you have approved websites there

  18. do you, by anychance, still have the list? i came here for a specific one (i visit frequently lol). and i found it removed.

  19. you should update the link in the sidebar since there's a new post

  20. Unfortunately, I don't know how to edit that on new reddit. I use

  21. Is it likely for repackers to upload minor versions of any given game? If so, do the new repacks get a post in here?

  22. Repackers don't crack Denuvo. Empress would have to re crack the entire game after the update

  23. From where can I download small games that don't have enough people seeding them? Iggames website has direct links but I've heard they aren't really a trusted bunch

  24. Can you tell me how you're sure about it?

  25. Well first off if you downloaded from a trusted source it should be false positive. Scene groups do not distribute malware, as it is against scene rules and if they were caught doing that, they would be instantly kicked out.

  26. I mean it could be possible to create a private Reddit page or like the Reddit equivalent of an unlisted link where no “Actual” piracy is being done publicly but just where it’s available from 🤷

  27. You could use another platform instead of reddit to make things more easy

  28. Does this subreddit post about switch games at all? Kirby came out and now I'm all curious about it

  29. Thank you, WhiteRau, for your submission. Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason(s):

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