1. I don't think a 96 will work right for my k member

  2. 96-04 spindles you’ll want the MM k member, 94-95 spindles for the stock k member, the 96-04 create a bump steer issue on the stock k member

  3. Cheapest way buy a used vortech blower and run 6-8lbs of boost. I wouldn’t spend any money on that pushrod motor.

  4. Thank you. It is a bit tight wit a stock front and at once time there was an intercooler however.

  5. Mine seems pretty solid but it’s just a drag car so it just needs to be solid enough to hold the radiator and bolt the front end to it. Lol

  6. Looks nice!! The RSM tube front ends are awesome!

  7. Can you provide reasons? I can make more power with the LS, that's why I ask.

  8. Well I’m a ford fan and i recently swapped in a gen2 f150 coyote into my fox. Yes the LS engines are cheaper but i feel the coyote is more superior, you can make more power with less cubes.

  9. +1 for coyote, I haven't done the swap myself as I'm fine with small upgrades to my 302 but I've been watching this guy's fox progress for a while and he knows what he's talking about

  10. Spec, they also make light flywheels and aluminum pressure plate discs.

  11. Why make this statement then? Kindly do your uninformed hatemongering somewhere else.

  12. You should throw an explorer intake on to get a little more cfm

  13. Just using old parts for mockup purposes. Will use my Cobra upper and lower most likely unless I decide to go a different direction altogether. Any recommendation?

  14. Look into how she fakes her voice to outsiders to come off as more confident.

  15. I wouldn’t buy flowmaster, and depending on where you want the power I’d go x pipe

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