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  1. How bad of a leader do you have to be to have both the Navy and the Army mutiny against you in one lifetime?

  2. You forgot to add "...and have the artistic ability". I'd try something like this and it would come out looking like a turd.

  3. In 1859, the U.S. and UK almost went to war over the killing of a pig. The result of the "Pig War" was the San Juan Islands became U.S. territory.

  4. Russias tank factory can only make 20 a month and with supply chain problems due to sanctions it will be hard to even achieve that monthly volume. As of January 1 Russia had lost 3031 tanks. This year to date they have lost 600 tanks. Russia has really backed themselves into a corner losing their experienced soldiers and tank commanders. The inexperienced troops and poor leadership has caused these high losses to occur.

  5. They are also refurbishing 59 tanks a month from their boneyards (with a couple more plants coming on line in the next couple of months able to refurbish another 30-40 a month).

  6. That Antony Starr has not been nominated for an Emmy by now is a travesty. He is absolutely perfect in his role.

  7. You have to give your real phone number at the very least, because they force 2 factor verification. I tried with a throwaway VOIP number and they wouldn't take it because the area code is in the US.

  8. I've had a Scene card for years and never had to give anything except my name and email. That was back when it was only used at the cinema, not even at restaurants. I remember getting a free movie once, but I have no idea how many points I actually have now.

  9. How do you even get masking this clean? Not just on Rodney, but on all the people he's dancing behind ??

  10. For me, I was amazed that the keyboard from Big lit up under Rodney's feet.

  11. This has happened to me with the 25 quite often. BC transit gives zero Fs

  12. The 25 is terrible. I think that half the time, they don't bother turning into Admiral's Walk because I almost always have to wait through two scheduled arrivals.

  13. So every prisoner in the U.S. justice system is a POC now. Does this include the Aryan Brotherhood?

  14. 2.2 million new Canadian residents last year through immigration, births etc. 2.9% growth.

  15. It doesn't help when you have a government that gets a $7 billion windfall surplus and, instead of using some of it to pay down the necessary debt accrued during the pandemic, decides to spend it all. And now a deficit is planned for at least the next two years. Buying today's votes with your grandkid's taxes seems to be the only thing politicians are good at.

  16. oh my god the shrinkflation, and like over the DUMBEST things too. my favourite thing ive noticed is that pizza pops changed their four cheese flavour to three cheese, like was the fourth cheese THAT expensive??

  17. For me, it's 6 packs of kaiser or hamburger buns that have now become 4 packs for the same price.

  18. I grew up with fluoride in the water in Windsor, Ontario (who no longer have it).

  19. Exact opposite result for me in Kamloops, which had flouride until 2001. I had tons of cavities as a kid and only after I left and started brushing/flossing more rigorously did I see my cavities disappear. The only dental work I've needed in years have been filling replacements and two root canals.

  20. Who are "these people"???? This is seriously mental illness.

  21. That made me wonder how many cops have died — like what is the other side of that number? It’s 20 cops dead so far in 2023, 9 shot and killed I think.

  22. That's 19 shootings in Arizona, whereas the police officer deaths are nationwide and less than half, 9 of the 20, have been officers getting shot.

  23. Now that its legalized, the lives of the people who fought against it hasn't changed one bit. It hasn't affected them in any way. The sky didn't fall, the Apocalypse didn't happen.

  24. But that slippery slope. Now we have drag story time. The horror.

  25. Isn't everything sacred to the first nations though?

  26. I went there about 15 years ago, and back 2 years ago, it's basically the same, and it's no where near finished. I'd love to see it finished, but I don't think we ever will, maybe my son will if he lives a very long time.

  27. Kind of like European cathedrals. Grandsons of the grandsons finish them. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was started in 1882 and may finally be completed sometime this decade.

  28. That's why it's crazy people don't want to pay taxes on land. Like you only own it because there is a police and military paid to enforce your ownership.

  29. Until the government decides to exercise eminent domain and then it's the police and military who force you off the land.

  30. They get 3 estimates from unaffiliated parties and pay you the highest one. They took my grandmothers childhood house but paid like 60% over what it was worth because one of the estimaters said "this is gonna be valuable property, didn't you hear? They are building a highway!"

  31. Here, you get what ever the provincial assessment was for the past year.

  32. That’s not true. It seems to be a common myth that crematoriums burn at night, it’s 100% not true.

  33. I've always wondered, are non-natural body items removed before cremation (pacemakers, dental work, etc) and, if so, who does this?

  34. Pacemakers yes because the battery will explode. The rest stays and is sorted out after cremation and recycled. Funeral director/embalmer does this. Dentist can come in and remove dental if requested.

  35. Empty every single cupboard and the fridge of food. This woman won't wait the 30 days before going out to get something to eat then change the locks on her.

  36. 21 Tanks and 23APV 4 vehicles and 8 artillery along with 710 Orcs. The inexperience of the Motherlands poorly trained army is really showing. The number of attacks has dropped by two thirds in recent days but the Ukrainians continue to destroy lots of valuable expensive equipment and more Orcs every single day. Well done Ukraine.

  37. Russia is only capable of refurbishing 59 old tanks from their boneyards and supposedly producing 20 new tanks per month. One day has taken out a quarter of that production.

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