Who here will hold til zero?

A glittering stamp for a feel-good thing

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Whats the sauce on this as well? Gotta check those boxes

  2. Every 3 months, on a monday - SO, the next one SHOULD come out on 2/13/2023 - that's monday

  3. The higher the share price, the less shares diluted. We will see how they do it.

  4. I have a feeling Icahn will be buying up the new preferred shares to prop up BoBBY and fuck some shorts over.


  6. Oh hell yeah, I fox with dat

  7. No. Especially not today. I'm watching Level 2 data, and seeing it barely moving. It feels like we are at the cusp of this launching, and we're going up against an opponent that has yet to accept their fate and defeat. We're going to win, and this is just a side quest for the greatest game I've ever played. LFG!

  8. its been 84 years,,..,,. and counting

  9. Aye, tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the following day. But remember, tomorrow's tomorrow, might be today!

  10. if there was a pirate award, i’d give it to you

  11. seriously fuck off, at no point did you make a rational thought.

  12. Uh oh someone forgot to take his pills. Learn to read the tag fluff. So fuck yourself off

  13. your upvotes tell the story 🤷‍♀️

  14. There is a fox in the henhouse.

  15. i think it all might come down if somehow they're able to use certain tokens created as locates in some obscure way. certainly some have suggested as much and some of it does look very shady. from some articles i've skimmed. the other side is that anyone can create a token. so a bbby coin (token) made doesn't necessarily indicate its used for that. it's probably actually the exception to be used for that. if there were a token for this use, it would probably be limited to a single token address, or possible a group of token addresses, but they'd be routing through some centralized exchange at some point, and the wallet addresses would seem to have to be tied back to addresses linked to the players in the ftx story. my take.

  16. FTX plus many more I would assume. FTX is just the first exchange to fall, this yells ponzi scheme from all sides. Someone “buys”/“sells” a share and the tokenized exchange says “sure we bought that for you on a 1:1, no prob (trust me bro)”. Cycle and repeat millions of times… end result is where we are today?

  17. haha they don't ban shills but they will ban you for saying there are shills

  18. it’s so blatant! Since when has the word “shill” not been allowed on

  19. I doubt it for one big reason - FTX is down and yet the insane shorting on BBBY continues. SHF must be using other exchanges

  20. So Bloodhound the flight tracker and dark pool tracking dude made some finds that BBBY tokenised securities were actually created before GME and AMC. Dating back to 15th Jan 2019. Which is really odd.

  21. I'm sure FTX is not that only exchange with tokenized stocks, this part of the theory/story is all very new to me though. Here is a list of the exchanges that I could find:

  22. Don’t worry, this raised its ugly head 2 years ago on some group chats. Dudes have been engaging with the FBI and DTCC with all the trails that crypto allow us to see.

  23. I get it, so the FBI/DTCC knows how to follow the public blockchain trail, but damn I can't believe this has happened to this extent and that the tokenized exchange has been used for what looks like a ponzi scheme larger than madoffs'. This was the exact thing that the blockchain was supposed to prevent!

  24. I'm not sure about this part right here but I know that exchanges like FTX offered tokenized stocks which they claimed were backed 1:1 with actual stock. They even partnered up with a 3rd party to do and pass a liquidity test and prove that it was actually backed. Problem was that the 3rd party had the stock and not FTX. Then they did away with the 3rd party and owned zero of the stock to back their "tokenized stock." They had billions of tokens that they claimed to be backed but were worthless. That much is fact. There is a theory that these tokenized stocks, which were all created the day of the notorious gamestop and other "meme stocks" squeeze were to be used as an infinite supply of locates for short sellers to illegally suppress these stock which included BBY, GME, AMC. There is so much detail in this story. So many little known happenings and insider relations. Too many coincidences that it is impossible to ignore.

  25. Wow, it’s like madoff 2.0

  26. I dont think that the people that are preparing the statements are thinking about bots and algos while they are writing them

  27. Disagree, the legal team of one of the most heavily shorted stonks would definitely be aware of bots/algos and how they might react to certain language in any SEC filing

  28. we share some wrinkles, great comment ape

  29. this just happened to me too!


  31. I had the same thought, my gut reaction was that the had to turn off/modify the algo after it overreacted to the honey trap 10Q release

  32. I dont think I could watch this movie again, its been 84 years long

  33. Isn't the timing of this revision strange? Very early in the morning and the exact opposite of the statements made yesterday. Either:

  34. I have my primary investment of the other ticker, but this one is intriguing. There's enough weirdness surrounding the main play that makes BBBY's price history very questionable. I'm here for it.

  35. I feel like my emotions are all over the place tonight.

  36. Lehman Brothers Board and they got sued to hell and US Supreme Court said in 2017 that RSU’s & RSA’s are to be treated the same as equity holders in BK and have no special rights. Therefore they cannot sell/ cash out before BK.

  37. for real, this needs its own post!


  39. RC! Is that you? Fuck, here’s an awards🤪

  40. thank you for the animated icon thingy that is awarded to posts people make on the internet.

  41. Why didn't you just put his head on a 🐢 winning the race 🤔

  42. double entendre - turtle RC wearing a turtle neck lol

  43. You aren't wrong, but shaming him isn't going to help. Lessons are usually learned the hard way... but I truly hope he comes out of this in a glorious way with his kids driving Lambos to college.

  44. I would never let my kid have a lambo, thats a bad investment ;)

  45. Could not have said it better, LETS RIDE

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